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Courtney Davies

Courtney Davies

Graduation Year:
Williamsville, N.Y.
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Marketing
Research & Recruiting Associate, DeBellis Catherine Morreale


Since graduating from Niagara, I completed my MBA. After graduate school, I started my career in digital marketing at LocalEdge, focusing on search engine marketing.

I worked there for almost a year and then took an opportunity with a recruiting firm, DeBellis Catherine & Morreale Corporate Staffing, where I have been for the past two years. I focus on filling marketing related opportunities for retailers, agencies and other companies nationwide.

How did AEP help you as a college student? Did AEP prepare you for the major you ultimately declared?

AEP helped me tremendously as a student. Coming into college, I was completely unsure of what I wanted to do. This program gave me the opportunity to take different types of classes before making a decision. It was great to have the flexibility to explore different majors and still be able to graduate in four years.

AEP definitely prepared me for eventually choosing marketing as a major. I was about ready to major in communications, but after taking a few courses in marketing, I decided that was the path for me. AEP allowed that transition to go over very smoothly.

How did Niagara prepare you for the “world of work” (i.e. key coursework, internships, clubs, etc.)?

My time at Niagara definitely helped prepare me for the working world. As a student-athlete, I was forced to learn how to budget my time effectively and deal with stressful situations.

Many of my courses incorporated group projects and presentations, which was extremely helpful. Learning to work with and manage different types of people is essential in the workplace and this experience was invaluable.

More than anything, the experience of Niagara as a whole helped to prepare me. There was enough support to guide me, but I was also given enough freedom to learn to make decisions and, ultimately, have responsibility for my education.

Any fun professional tidbits?

I bake and decorate sugar cookies! Right now, this is just for fun on the side for family and friends. However, more recently, I’ve started to do research on how to grow this hobby and establish it into a business.