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Christopher Denz

Christopher Denz

Graduation Year:
Virginia Beach, Va.
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Business Management
Manager, Apple Inc.


After graduating from NU, I was recruited by Target to be an executive team leader in Depew, N.Y.

After one year of management experience there, Apple brought me into their 24-month Apple Store Leader Program in Charleston, S.C. This allowed me to gain even more knowledge in the management field, which then led to a promotion upon completing to program to open up a new Apple Store in Virginia Beach as a store manager.

How did AEP help you as a college student? Did AEP prepare you for the major you ultimately declared?

AEP definitely helped me as a student. Going into college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Based on assessment tests, shadowing in several classes, advisors encouraging me to participate in certain extracurricular activities like Student Government, among many other things, AEP allowed me to discover that I had a passion for leading. This ignited the spark for perusing a major in which I could tailor and develop these leadership skills, which ultimately led me to choose business management.

How did Niagara prepare you for the “world of work” (i.e. key coursework, internships, clubs, etc.)?

Choosing my major (along with my involvement in extracurricular activities on campus) really prepared me for the “real world.” My business classes pushed and prepared me every day to enter the real world ready to go.

Faculty and staff helped me create resumes, which I still use today, as well as meet with real companies to prepare for interviews that I would ultimately be facing.

My involvement in Student Government, Executive Board, and various committees allowed me to understand the importance of leadership, presentations skills, organizational agility, and multitasking. It was takeaways from those very experiences that I shared with future employers during my interviews, allowing me to get the job.

Any fun professional tidbits?

Somewhere along my journey through management, I’ve also developed a passion for fitness. I have become an active CrossFit athlete and hope to become a coach soon during my free time. My ultimate goal would be to use my business experience and passion for fitness to open up my very own gym one day!