Add Funds to Student ID Card

This program is tied to your Student ID card and is good for a variety of programs. It is not a separate card. It is convenient, easy to use and easy to access. Listed below are the programs and ways you can use your ID. It's easier than money - and worth more too!

*Accounts are not transferable between each other. Gallagher Gold accounts are nonrefundable and expire at the end of the spring semester by NY State Tax Law. Do not make your housing deposit on this account.

Payment may be made in person at the Student Accounts Office in the Butler Building during regular business hours.

You can make payments online using the Online Card Office website.

You will need to know your student ID number. If you have any questions, please go to the ID Card Office located in Vinnie's Annex or call 716.286.7310, send e-mail to . 

Transfer Funds from Tuition Account to CCS ID card

Partial or all credit balances on a student account can be transferred to the student's CCS ID card account. To transfer funds, the student can log on to myNU and click on the "resource" tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the "financial resources" section and choose "transfer to CCS ID card." Once we receive the form from the student, we will verify the credit balances and process the request. We will email the student once the funds have been transferred to their CCS ID card. If there is a problem, we will notify the student by email so that he/she can also come into the Student Accounts Office to complete this form.

There are three funds that you can allocate money to:

Bookstore Funds

Students may open a Bookstore Fund Account, but all books will be billed to your student account beginning on Fall of 2020. Additional funds may be deposited at any time online or in the Student Accounts Office. Once the funds are allocated, we cannot transfer or refund the funds as long as you are still attending NU. These funds roll over from semester to semester.

Items such as books, computer software, supplies, clothing, giftware and personal items are available at the Campus Store and may be purchased with your Bookstore Funds.

Any purchases made on this account that have to be returned will be credited back to your account. No cash refunds will be given.

  • Contact: Bookstore Manager
  • Phone: 716.286.8370

Gallagher Gold

Included in meal plans is Gallagher Gold, which can be used for additional meals or snacks. Gallagher Gold is also available to all commuter students. There is an 8 percent sales tax savings with each purchase at hospitality dining services on campus. Thus, if you have a craving for pizza or a taco, or just want to treat a friend to dinner, Gallagher Gold is the easiest way to satisfy your appetite and your pocketbook. 

Additional funds may be deposited at any time online or in the Student Accounts Office.

Remember, because sales are tax exempt, all deposited funds not utilized by end of the academic year will be forfeited due to NY State tax law.

  • Contact: Hospitality Services
  • Phone: 716.286.8397

Campus Funds

Campus Funds can be used anywhere on campus that accepts the Student ID card. With Campus Funds, you receive the flexibility of spending your money anywhere you wish to. You receive the 5 percent Campus Store discount when purchasing books, but DO NOT receive the sales tax savings at the Gallagher Center. You can use Campus Funds at the Gallagher Center, but you will be taxed on your purchases. Campus Funds can also be used in the vending machines and at the Library to purchase photocopies. The money in this account rolls over from year to year.

Where you want to spend money:Funds you can use:
Gallagher Center Snack Bar Gallagher Gold or Campus Funds*
Campus Store (Book Store) Bookstore Funds or Campus Funds
Vending Machines (with card readers) Campus Funds
Library Copiers Campus Funds
Computer Lab (printing over for above allotted amount) Campus Funds
Information Technology Campus Funds
Campus Activities Campus Funds

*You do not receive tax savings if you use Campus Funds at the Gallagher Center