Add/Drop 2020/2021

Financial Liability

When a student registers, it is understood that he or she will pay, in full, all charges assumed at registration. Failure to attend classes does not alter the charges or entitle the student to a tuition refund. It is understood if a student is registered for a course they are fully participating in each course, or will drop it. It is the student's responsibility to drop any course(s) they are not attending. Students will not be permitted to receive grades, transcripts, or diploma unless the student account is paid in full.

Adding or dropping a class:

During Week One anyone can add or drop a full semester class with no liability.

Dropping or Withdrawing from An Accelerated Class With 8 or Fewer Classes

Refund Schedule For 8 or Fewer ClassesRefund Percentage of Tuition Charged
First Class 100%
Second Class 40%
Third Class 0%