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Accounting Degree Options

To help you achieve your educational objectives, Niagara University offers three accounting degree options: (1) the four-year undergraduate BBA in accounting; (2) the five-year BBA/MBA in professional accountancy; (3) the MBA/Professional accountancy; and (4) MBA/Accounting concentration program.

(1) Four-year BBA in Accounting

This undergraduate program prepares students for careers in management accounting, government, and not-for-profit organizations. Students are qualified to sit for the CMA exam and other professional exams, but not the CPA exam. Students can be admitted into the program in the freshman year, or may transfer into the program from another college. Two years of professional experience is generally required for professional certification.

(2) Five-year BBA/MBA in Professional Accountancy (4+1)

The program prepares students for careers in public accounting, and qualifies students to sit for the CPA exam. In the first three years of the program, students take a common core of accounting, business and liberal arts courses. Students typically begin taking some MBA courses in the fourth year of the program, and can complete the BBA/MBA program in one additional year. Students are awarded the BBA degree after completing BBA requirements, and the MBA degree after completing MBA requirements. Only one year of public accounting experience is required for the CPA certification.

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(3) MBA/Professional Accountancy

This program is designed for students who completed their undergraduate studies in a field other than accounting and now seek to change careers to professional accountancy. We offer a two-year, 69-credit hour graduate program. It meets New York state's 150-hour education requirement for CPA licensing. Anyone with a bachelor's degree is eligible to enroll, but those with a business background may require less than 69 credit hours of work. The program can be completed in as little as 24 months if a student is full-time. Benefits of getting a professional degree in accounting include excellent career opportunities in the accounting field (now and in extended future, a flexible credential that offers the opportunity for a variety of career paths, and the fast track to a CFO position.

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(4) MBA/Accounting Concentration Program

The MBA accounting concentration at Niagara University allows students to gain academic and practical insight in the field of accounting. Students planning to take the CPA exam should consult the accounting faculty for further details as to the total overall course hours required to sit for the CPA exam.

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