Office of the Dean of Academic Services

Name Phone Email
Antonia Knight
716.286.8204 Send Email to Antonia Knight
Kathryn Marzec
Associate Dean, Academic Services
716.286.8302 Send Email to Kathryn Marzec

Academic Exploration Program (AEP)

Name Phone Email
Carolyn Makey
716.286.8531 Send Email to Carolyn Makey
Bernadette Brennen
Assistant Director
716.286.8205 Send Email to Bernadette Brennen
Amy Arends
Academic Advisor
716.286.8273 Send Email to Amy Arends
Beth Aquino
Office Coordinator
716.286.8203 Send Email to Beth Aquino

Academic Success Center

Name Phone Email
Diane Stoelting
Director, Academic Success Center
716.286.8076 Send Email to Diane Stoelting
Michelle Moley-Barlow
Administrative Assistant
716.286.8072 Send Email to Michelle Moley-Barlow
Julie Czyrny
Peer Tutor Coordinator
716.286.8065 Send Email to Julie Czyrny
Virginia Pasceri
Assistant Director, Academic Success Center
716.286.8153 Send Email to Virginia Pasceri
Stephanie Toohey
Academic Coach
716.286.8140 Send Email to Stephanie Toohey
Kelly Adams Engert
Coordinator, Accessibility Services
716.286.8541 Send Email to Kelly Adams Engert
Sarah Mecca
Accessibility Services Advisor
716.286.8077 Send Email to Sarah Mecca
Jackie Foulis
Graduate Assistant, Accessibility Services
Alexis Wesolowski
Graduate Assistant, Accessibility Services
Jason Pratt
Coordinator, Reading & Writing Services
716.286.8075 Send Email to Jason Pratt
Lucy Czesak
Reading & Writing Specialist
716.286.8071 Send Email to Lucy Czesak
Dr. Rachel Rossi
Adjunct, CRL 101
Send Email to Dr. Rachel Rossi
Derek Frommert
Adjunct, LSK 095
Send Email to Derek Frommert
Alexandria Fabiano
Adjunct, LSK 095
Send Email to Alexandria Fabiano
Katherine Rossi
Adjunct, LSK 095
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