Academic Credit Review

Within one week of your acceptance, you will receive a detailed credit evaluation for the major to which you have been offered admission.

Transcripts are evaluated by the dean of the division that the student wishes to enter and also by the chairperson of the respective major. The total number of semester hours, or their equivalent, accepted for transfer credit is decided by the dean. All applicable coursework must have been completed with a grade of “C” or better. (All transfer credit decisions are subject to the discretion of the dean.)

A transfer student must successfully complete all the NU degree requirements either through course units completed at NU or those accepted in transfer. At least one-half of the academic requirements of the major must be completed at Niagara University.

There is no requirement for a minimum number of credit hours a student must complete before they can apply for transfer admission.  

The philosophy and religious studies requirements for transfer students are based on the total number of credits accepted by the dean for transfer. 

Transfer Credit Hours and Philosophy or Religious Studies Requirements
Number of Semester Hours Accepted for Transfer CreditsPhilosophy RequirementsReligious Studies Requirements
0-23 PHI 105, 206, 300 — level elective 3 courses**
24-47 PHI 105, 206 2 courses**
More than 47 PHI 105 1 course**

**Transfer students are required to take a REL 100 level course unless they have been granted transfer credit in religious studies.

General Guidelines

  • Transferable courses must be 3+ credits with a letter grade of a C or higher. NOTE: C- grades or lower do not transfer into NU.
  • At least 10 courses on the major side of your curriculum must be taken at NU. Note that major discipline courses can not fit on the general education side of the curriculum card.
  • Certain courses need to be taken at NU, including HIS 199 and some major courses.
  • Credit cannot be given twice for the same course. Be sure to avoid duplicating courses you may have already completed. If you are unsure whether or not a course is equivalent, err on the side of caution and contact the Dean's Office.
  • Credit reviews determine the placement of all credit. Some courses may not be able to be placed based on departmental or university credit policies. NOTE: Your transfer grades and GPA does not affect your NU GPA. It starts from scratch based on your NU courses only.

Common Types of Credit

Common Types of Credit
Types of CreditsExplanation of Credits
NUSTEP Niagara University Credit offered through local high schools. It should appear on your NU transcript.   Ask Admissions if it does not appear on your transfer review.
Transfer Credit Credit taken through other accredited colleges and universities. Official transcripts are required. (C grade and 3+ credits required for review*)
Advanced Placement (AP)   ETS exam based credit through high schools. (3+ grade required for review*)
College Level Exam Placement (CLEP) College Board exam based credit. (50+ grade required for review*)
International Baccalaureate (IB) IBO International Education Program (5+ grade required for review*)
Ontario Advanced Credit (OAC) Students who took OAC courses prior to 2003 may be eligible for up to 15 credits of transfer. (70+ grade required for review*)
Military Experience   Submit your DD-214 to ROTC for review for up to 6 credits of military experience.*