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Academic Complex Technology

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Niagara's Academic Complex Provides:

A professional learning community in which we model our academic vision (active, engaged learning) and provide the leadership to coordinate all programs within one complex. It features the latest in instructional resources, including model pre-K—12 classrooms, interactive teaching labs, and diagnostic observation rooms that feature clinical studios where students tutor children and observe their learning styles.

There’s also a Family Literacy Center that affords students opportunities to tutor community members, from young children to adults, in literacy. In addition, Niagara’s main library houses a curriculum room and teaching studio stocked with educational books, videos, and magazines, plus teaching materials from stencils and construction paper to laminating machines and computers with instructional software.

Niagara University is proud to open the Academic Complex doors to the community, families, English language learners, community agencies, educators business partners, educational leaders, international partners, counselors, and high-needs schools.

Features of the Building Include:

The Family Literacy Center provides programs to enhance the literacy performance of at-risk readers and their families. These programs focus on improving reading, writing, and listening skills.

Collaborative working spaces enable students to learn in innovative settings that promote students and faculty working as a team to advance student achievement and learning.

State-of-the-art diagnostic rooms and counseling/play therapy rooms with two-way observation and recording facilities provide “one-stop” comprehensive counseling and school psychology services for families.

High–tech classrooms with hands-on interactive SMART boards, document cameras, and technology offering two- way applications into schools with podcasting and video- conferencing, creating an exceptional learning experience.

Portable iPad labs provided for teacher candidates to gain an understanding of how the implementation of this type of technology in a classroom environment can expand learning opportunities.

The Community Outreach Programs serve to collaborate with school districts to embed professional development in the continuum of pre-service education, induction, and sustained professional learning.

The Teaching Studio is stocked with the most up-to-date resources for teachers including educational texts, videos, journals, and teaching materials. Students have access to everything from stencils and construction paper to laminating machines and computers with instructional software.

Faculty suites, teacher certification and field experience offices conveniently located in one building to provide greater access for students and families.


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