Parents, Students & Visitors

Learning for All

Each of the Academic Centers listed below is designed to provide support to our students in pursuit of their goals and aspirations.


We proudly hold accreditation from the Nations most esteemed Councils and Associations. To receive accreditation Niagara University certifies as meeting all formal official requirements of academic excellence, curriculum, facilities, etc.


Commencement is the ceremony of conferring degrees or granting diplomas at the end of a student's academic endeavor.   It is a time to recognize and to celebrate the achievements of our students.

Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Partnership strives to improve residential quality of life in the Niagara Falls area by initiating and supporting asset based, targeted activities in partnership with community leadership.

Excellence in Teaching

Niagara University is proud to be the home of an award-winning faculty.   We value success at all levels and appreciate that our faculty demonstrates the excellence we seek in our students.

First Year Experience

Honor Societies