Niagara University is proud to partner with The Travel Team Inc. to provide a training and experiential education program for employment preparation in the travel management field.

Travel management companies are experiencing a shortage of well-trained and qualified personnel to become the next generation of travel agents and travel industry professionals.
Niagara University offers a certification program that will cultivate individuals interested in the travel management industry to become travel leaders able to think, anticipate, upsell and cross-sell in a professional setting.

Advantages of the program

  • Three credit-bearing courses will be offered that provide insights regarding the complexities of the travel management industry and the opportunities for success.
  • Content will focus on aspects of international travel and human geography with an understanding of the protocols employed in other cultures.
  • Students will also receive instruction in sales, leadership and return on investment.
  • A regard for high-tech and high-touch customer service will be emphasized.
  • Individuals already working in travel management companies will be eligible to participate to enhance their skills and knowledge base.
  • A 200-hour internship facilitated by The Travel Team Inc. will ensure full exposure to the industry and to give participants real work experience.