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Business School

Niagara University's prestigious Holzschuh College of Business Administration prepares undergraduate and graduate students to become future business professionals that lead with integrity and live exemplary lives guided by Catholic and Vincentian traditions. Once students fulfill application requirements, they can enroll as a business major and sample our individual programs before deciding on their ultimate path to a career.

Our focus on personal growth and opportunities for professional experience makes our business school one of Niagara's most highly ranked programs. Here's what you'll learn: 

• Leadership. We equip students to be successful in the business and international communities with professional instructors and hands-on experiences that give them confidence in their leadership and communication skills. According to the National Survey of Student Engagement (2011), NU College of Business Administration had 92% internship, co-op, or field experiences vs. 50% from other U.S. Catholic Business Schools.

• Relevance. We strive to ensure that our curriculum is current, relevant, and coordinated across disciplines, placing a particular emphasis on technology and the global marketplace. We'll get you ready to contribute to businesses large and small, today and in the future.

• Ethics. With a curriculum that incorporates the generous spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, our business majors receive an ethics-based education that engages them to operate in professional environments with clarity.

• Community Involvement. Our international proximity to other countries helps provides opportunities for students and faculty to serve and interact with the business community, both locally and on a global scale. Our strong commitment to service and charity gives Niagara students a sense of purpose. The NU College of Business Administration, when compared to other U.S. Catholic Business Schools, had 95% volunteer experiences vs. 69% (NSSE 2011).

• Professional Growth. Just because you've graduated and entered the field doesn't mean your education stops. With our MBA program available to full and part-time students, Niagara is the only AACSB-accredited program in Western New York specifically designed for working professionals. Our customized career supports can develop a plan to suit your needs, giving students a chance to earn their MBA in a year.

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