About KMb

In its most basic form, Knowledge Mobilization is the act of connecting people with people and connecting people with results. You want to have the right information in the hands of the right people so that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Without KM, there is an estimated 17-year gap between research findings and practical implementation in real life - Institute of Medicine, 2001

Niagara University is going to ensure that the lead time between research findings and practical implementation is shortened with the knowledge mobilization task force. The goal of the task force is to offer practical solutions for researchers to disseminate their research findings to the people who need to have it.

KMb TeamKMb Team

  • Dr. Patricia Briscoe
  • Dr. Rachel Rossi
  • Danielle Desjardins
    Danielle is a student in Niagara University's PhD in Policy and Leadership. Her current research is focused on students with limited formal or interrupted education, where she is exploring the intersection of equity and policy agendas affecting late-arrival newcomer youth in Ontario, Canada. She is currently a high school principal in Windsor, Ontario.
  • Sama Androon
    Sama is an elementary school teacher at Peel School Board. She is currently completing her last course in her Masters of Science in Educational Leadership at NU. Over her 13 years in education, Sama has had worked in the education systems of three different countries, Syria, UAE and Canada, in many different positions. Each experience had impacted her practice immensely and shaped her identity. The KMb project triggered her curiosity about the possibility of how to mobilize thousands of significant ERB into practice or policy. To Sama, Knowledge would have no worth or impact if it was kept in books and libraries and never implemented or put into action.
  • Sam Nohra
    Sam is a student in Niagara Universities Masters Program in Educational Leadership. His thesis, soon to be published, explores the consistencies of leaders across different disciplines. He is currently certified to teach k-6 and is currently working in the produce industry in his home town. Go Tomato Town!