About Us


The College of Education at Niagara University is dedicated to preparing the highest quality teachers, educational leaders, school and mental health counselors, and school psychologists - professionals who will make a difference for children and their families.

  • We make a commitment to serve those most in need.
  • We engage learners in meaningful ways, using the knowledge and experience they bring as the core of instructional practice.
  • We continuously examine and implement a wide range of research-based practices to support learners.
  • We reflect upon our practices to assess progress and continuously improve programs.

Our dedicated and highly-experienced faculty leads the way in teaching, research and service in their respective professions. Our strong partnerships with the P-12 schools and community organizations transcend our work, providing many clinically-rich experiences for candidates.

Why Choose the College of Education at Niagara University?

  • Proven record of quality, nationally-accredited programs
  • Extensive practical field experience
  • State-of-the-art education building with cutting-edge instructional technology
  • Small class sizes = personal attention from highly qualified and dedicated professors
  • Courses are offered in a convenient, flexible, and online format
  • Outstanding career placement reputation

Discover what Niagara has to offer…

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Niagara’s Academic Complex provides a collaborative and experiential environment where students and faculty are able to make a  connection with the communities we serve in new and different ways. It is a professional learning community in which we model our academic vision of active, engaged learning and provide the leadership for professional candidates.

What’s inside?

  • High-tech classrooms, with hands-on interactive boards, multimedia and graphic design dimensions, and two-way applications into schools with pod-casting and video conferencing,
  • Learning opportunities through both Smart board and Interwrite Learning technology.
  • Collaborative space in which students and faculty are able to work as a team in the education community.
  • Facilities for learning and teaching using the latest strategies for instruction with resources to support high-quality programs.
  • Family Literacy Center providing an on-campus educational opportunity to enhance the literacy performance of at-risk readers and their families.
  • Family Counseling Center provides “one stop” comprehensive counseling and school psychology services for families. The center houses state-of-the art diagnostic rooms, counseling and play therapy rooms with two-way observation and recording facilities.

Candidates have the opportunity to engage in web- and project-based experience that will prepare them to practice anywhere in the world. They will observe and learn best practices in our local schools and with our international partners. Students learn in state-of the-art classroom laboratories in which faculty model the use of instructional technologies for graduates to gain technological and instructional skills.

Hands-on Learning and Field Experiences

  • Practical placements and full-time student teaching placements for teacher candidates
  • Clinical placements for school and mental health counseling, school psychology, special education and literacy assessment.
  • Almost every graduate student in NU’s College of Education participates in an internship, clinical or practical placement, or study abroad program to gain professional experience. Our students also gain hands-on experience during substantial field experiences embedded into many programs.
  • Well-established partnerships with our local schools result in varied and numerous placements that begin in the first semester for all education students. Instructional skills become highly developed as teacher candidates progress through their field experiences in preparation for student teaching. Experience in school classrooms, throughout teacher education programs, is a distinct Niagara advantage.

Personal Attention

At Niagara, we pride ourselves on our small class sizes and cohort-based programs. Our outstanding and dedicated faculty members will know your name and work carefully to act as a mentor and guide your success. As a Vincentian University, Niagara University seeks to develop the whole person, mind, body, heart and soul, for the benefit of our students’ personal and professional lives.

Academic Excellence

As one of the area’s leading universities, Niagara University’s College of Education offers over 20 graduate programs in education, counseling and leadership.

Niagara University is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (NCATE).


You will find that NU is competitively priced, our tuition is comparable to most public and private institutions and we offer several scholarships and assistantships for graduate students. Many students from Ontario and the US are also eligible for additional financial aid.  


Niagara University’s 160-acre campus runs along the top of scenic Monteagle Ridge overlooking the Niagara River Gorge just four miles north of the world-famous waterfall. The location of the campus, adjacent to the international border between the United States and Canada, provides global opportunities for our students and makes commuting, on a daily or weekly basis, a feasible option.


A full array of easily accessible services are provided for all students.

  • We provide certification processing and assistance
  • The Office of Career Services offers job fairs, resume writing and interview strategy sessions.
  • Our library, containing over 300,000 volumes, coupled with access to extensive online databases, makes the latest research available to students and experienced librarians are on hand to help with research questions.
  • Each student is assigned an advisor who will guide them through their program by tailoring a class schedule to most effectively fit students’ needs.

Student Success

With a 99-100 percent passing rate on the NYS teaching certification examinations (ALST, EAS, CST, and edTPA), and a high employment rate, students are well-prepared to enter the job market with NYS and/or Ontario teacher certification.


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