A Rewarding Challenge

by Michael Kobito on January 23, 2017
A Rewarding Challenge

Michael Kobito is a current student in the master of business administration program at Niagara University. He was also a graduate employee in the Office of Multicultural Affairs at Niagara University.

My name is Michael Kobito and I just completed my first semester of graduate school at Niagara University. I graduated from Niagara with a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice in May 2016. I’m now taking business courses to complete my degree in the MBA program at NU.

Was I nervous? Yes! But I’m happy to say I’m still here and made it through my first semester. Before I made the decision to pursue an MBA, I spoke to a number of MBA administrators and asked them if they thought I could be successful in the program, even though it would be different from my undergraduate degree. I knew grad school was going to be challenging; however, I like challenges and knew Niagara had a great support staff if I were to need help.  

The MBA advisor helped set up my schedule to make sure I was taking the correct classes and at the right time. They made sure I was aware of any prerequisite courses that I would need to complete and when they were being offered.

Each professor I have had so far was willing to provide extra instruction to help me either after class or via email. They also explained the material and provided examples in more than just one way, which helps the students better understand and retain the information.

I made many friends at NU during my undergraduate years. I have had the opportunity to form close relationships with the people in the graduate program as well. These new relationships formed are not just with fellow classmates, but classmates who are also working professionals in their field of choice. Moreover, my peers welcomed me to the College of Business Administration and offered any help they could provide because they understood changing majors at the graduate level could be challenging.     

I love Niagara University and suggest to anyone with a business undergrad degree or a degree in any other field to consider pursuing an MBA degree from Niagara University. In the near future, I hope to receive a job offer in the criminal justice field. An MBA from Niagara will help me in the hiring process and enhance my chances of promotions in the future. 

If you are interested in learning more about the master of business administration program, contact mba@niagara.edu, or call 716.286.8051.