A Reflection On My Time at NU

by Derek Ricioppo on December 19, 2016

I have come to the end of my last semester at NU. I’m hoping that I will have good grades for my final semester and can be proud of what I have accomplished.

As I complete my final assignments for my classes, I found out that my final grade for public speaking was an A and that I did well on my special occasion speech, the last assignment for the class. For my oral interpretation class, I handed in my final paper for the course, a reflection piece on the course and what I learned. I feel that I did well on the paper and am hoping to get a good grade in the class.

For my film and culture course, we just completed our final assignments, group presentations on a film of our choice. I received a grade of 18 out of 20 for the group presentation, 9 out of 10 for the group grade, and 9 out of 10 for the individual grade for the presentation. I feel that I did well in the class and am glad I took it during my last semester.

For my American Deaf culture course, we had our presentations for the academic demonstration. I received a good grade for the presentation portion of the project, and although I did not receive the grade I wanted for the portfolio portion of the project and there are things I could have done differently, I have no regrets about taking the class and the information that I learned will be useful in my future career and personal goals.

I have one more assignment to complete, a paper for my online class. Although I found the information in the class interesting for the most part, I don’t think I would take another online course if given the opportunity. I prefer the face-to-face interaction you get in a traditional class to taking one over the internet.

As I am coming upon the end of time at NU, I feel satisfied with my experience and personal growth. I wouldn’t change my experience at NU and the things that I have learned, both in terms of academics and personal experiences.