Philosophy of Play Statement

An Early Childhood Development course at Niagara University, EDU 603: Creative Activities and Movement in Inclusive Early Childhood Settings, requires students to create a philosophy of play statement. Kassie Sillett, recent NU graduate, created a poem as part of her assignment. The poem is as follows:

Play is important
It’s important that’s true,
It can change the way people think about you.
If you have a hard time using your words,
Draw someone a picture using lions and birds.
Play can be peaceful
And colorful
And loud.
Play can be something that makes you feel proud.
My feelings for play are one of a kind,
It helps me express both body and mind.
I can show how I feel instead of just speaking,
Sometimes my pictures can show much more meaning.
So don’t be afraid to pick up a toy,
And play with another girl or boy.
Or pick up a pencil, paintbrush, or crayon,
Pretend you’re a pirate sword fighting in the sand.
Play shows you how to communicate and listen,
It can make you so happy your face will glisten.
Play is empowering,
It is all so much fun,
You can play in the grass
Or go for a run.
With play the possibilities are endless,
When you learn how to share you will never be friendless.
So go ahead and express yourself,
Any way that you choose
With play you can never possibly lose!

Kassie stated that Dr. Seuss has been an inspiration to her and that she hopes to use his work as much as possible in her own classroom to motivate students. Kassie is a special education teacher in Niagara Falls. Great work, Kassie!