A Business By The Community, For The Community!

by Camila Alvarado on October 23, 2020
A Business By The Community, For The Community!

“F in F Bites stands for food, flavor, fun, fundamentals- all things we teach through our program”

Jamie Evan and Bobby Anderson are a dynamic duo and ideal innovators for a bright future. They empower the Niagara Falls community by offering personalized, educational and professional opportunities through F Bites. Their most valuable revenue is personal gratification from the outcomes of changing someone’s trajectory in life. 

F Bites was founded 12 years ago as a non-profit. It has collaborated with 60 institutions around Erie, Niagara and Monroe counties. Some examples are: LaSalle Preparatory School, Niagara Falls High School, Niagara County Jail, Erie County Detention Center, Buffalo Urban League, etc. F Bites’ mission is to be the light of hope for the community by using the culinary approach to leadership and life skills. 

The programs include: 

  • Re-Entry - designed specifically for incarcerated individuals looking to completely turn their lives around.
  • Saturday Academy - designed for students and their parents so they can experience the F Bites program together as a cooperative effort.
  • Workforce Development Program - focuses on teaching the soft and hard skills needed in today’s workforce, using food as the syllabus.
  • After school Enrichment - a practical educational nutrition class designed for students in grades five through 12 and runs from 3-5 p.m. 

How can you help?

  1. Volunteer - Follow F Bites on social media or their website and stay informed on how we can take action!
  2. Support Your Local Business - Visit F Bites Coffee & Kitchen, 616 Niagara St, Niagara Falls, NY 14303 and get a taste of inspiration and delicious food! 
  3. Donate - Thanks to the generous donations, F Bites has changed the lives of hundreds of people since 2009. To help change more lives, Donate now! 
  4. Contact F Bites to learn more about their mission

Support your local community and connect with others! F Bites guarantees an Unforgettable Experience! 

Motivation- “I learned to live when I learned to cook” 

Jamie Evan, Chief Operator Officer, and Bobby Anderson, Founder / Executive Director, shared their perceptions on business principles. 

Leadership starts in the back.” As a follower I struggled to climb the ladder, but that same pain was the promise for my career. Leadership to me is to be amazing by making others look amazing. When someone says no, I don’t consider that a failure, I consider that a start of a negotiation, a start of a challenge. 

                                                                                                                     -  Bobby Anderson 

“Learn to follow before you lead.” As young adults, we have an ambitious vision of a successful and luxurious life. However, life goes beyond that. As future leaders, we should cherish the value of life. “I learned that we need more than just money to be happy. After 25 years of experience, I lost interest in the $60,000 expectation. I decided to grow as a person and I became part of F Bites.”

The fundamental skills for a good follower consists of:

  • Versatility - For efficiency, learn about multiple areas of business. 
  • Listening - Listen to understand, engage and connect with others. 
  • Communication - Communication is key! Establishing networks outside and inside of your work environment guarantees you success.

“Quality over quantity.” FBites’ priority is customer satisfaction, which is part of their personal brand. Their mission is to be recognized for community engagement and the uniqueness of our product and service. “You can secure the success of your business by providing reliable and exceptional service to your customers.”

                                                                                                                           -Jamie Evan 

Fun Facts

  • During Season 4 of Gordon Ramsey’s “Hell’s Kitchen”, Chef Bobby created his Lavender Ginger Lemonade (best drink ever !). Make sure to not leave FBites without trying this magnificent drink! 
  • Gordon Ramsay hired Chef Bobby for two of his restaurants in Manchester and London!