4+2 Success Story

4+2 Success Story

I have spent the past six years at Niagara University and I am sad to see my time here coming to an end. All of my experiences, from educational to social, have been nothing but positive.

I began my freshman year unsure of what career path would work best for me. Over time, I was able to figure out that I had an interest in mental health counseling and begin the 4+2 clinical mental health counseling program during my senior year. Now, I will be graduating next month with my master’s in clinical mental health counseling and I feel confident and prepared to begin working in the field.

At Niagara, we are able to begin working in the field right away. I think this is incredibly important because those real-life experiences are actually what best prepared me for my future career.

Throughout the program, I completed a total of four internships and over 1,000 hours of experience with two different substance abuse counseling organizations. While this may seem like a lot, I can honestly say that each hour spent working with supervisors and clients has helped me to develop many diverse skills required in the counseling profession.

The experience and knowledge that I have gained during my time at NU have helped me to excel in this field and eventually land a job…which I was offered before I even graduated! I am proud to say that, during my final internship with Horizon Health Services, I was offered a full-time position, which I will be starting once I graduate in May 2017. 

I am very grateful for this opportunity and all the others that a degree from Niagara has offered me. Although I will be leaving, I won’t forget all the amazing memories NU has given me and the impact Niagara has made on my career and my future.