Five women’s studies courses are required for an undergraduate minor in women’s studies. WMS 200 is required for all minors. In addition, students can select four courses from the following list of offerings.

Why is it that we consume media in the ways we do? Are you a passive consumer, or an active one? Why do media use the techniques they do to draw in audiences? Even as media literate as intelligent individuals we are controlled by our media? These are just some of the questions we will consider as we explore the topic of media theory/history. Although I lead this course from a critical perspective, I will introduce you to more social science/behavior theories throughout the semester. However, as you peruse the syllabus, you will see that we will concentrate on a few key critical theories (as they apply to media): feminist theory, critical race theory, queer theory, and governmentality.

Credit Hours: 3

CMS 363 - Stereotyping in Media

ENG 209 - Women and Literature in England I

ENG 341 - Editing and Collaboration

ENG 351 - Grant Writing

ENG 410 - Topics in American Literature (American Women Writers)

FAA 207 - Women in Art

FRE 200 - Francophone Women Writers in Translation

HIS 340 - The Social Revolution: America 1754-1826

Credit Hours: 3

Credit Hours: 3

POL 220 - Women and the Law

POL 230 - Women in Politics

POL 306 - Feminist Political Theory

Prerequisites: PSY 101

REL 343 - Women in Church and Society

SOC 308 - Women in Society

Prerequisites: SWK 100, or permission of instructor

This course explores the social construction of gender and its relationship to socioeconomic class, race, ethnicity, age, sexual identity, ability, and other positionalities. A wide range of topics are discussed including: women’s history; women’s movements; learning gender in a diverse society; system of privilege and inequality; gender and sports; gender, beauty and the body; mass media and popular culture; consumerism and consumer cultures; civic engagement and politics; girlhood and coming of age in a global world; debates within feminism; work and family matters; gendered violence; women’s health; sex trafficking; ecofeminism and the environment; and social activism and change.

Credit Hours: 3

Credit Hours: 3

Credit Hours: 3   /  annually   /   Prerequisites:

Credit Hours: 3   /   Prerequisites:

Credit Hours: 3   /  annually   /   Prerequisites:

A special topics course on a women-related issue, or an internship or co-op with a women-related focus may be substituted for one of the five required courses. Permission of the coordinator of the women’s studies minor is required for either substitution.