In addition to the BFA programs, the Department of Theatre & Fine Arts offers a variety of minors. Through the College of Arts and Sciences, a minor is awarded to a student who has successfully completed a sequence of five courses in the appropriate discipline. This sequence of courses is determined by the student in consultation with a departmental advisor.

Current Minors

  • Art History
  • Dance
  • Design/Technology
  • Fine Arts
  • Studio Arts
  • Theatre Studies

Dance Minor

Coordinator: Terri Filips, M.F.A.

The minor in dance is awarded to a student who has successfully completed a sequence of five courses in dance. These must include one in jazz, one in ballet, one in tap and two courses of the student’s choice.  Suggested class sequence for the Novice dancer who has minimal to no formal training:

  • THR 113 Intro to Ballet: Novice
  • THR 230 Intro to Jazz Dance: Novice
  • THR 211 Beginning Ballet
  • THR 321 Intro to Tap: Novice
  • THR 311 Jazz Dance I
  • THR 409 Advanced Novice Ballet
  • THR 403 Advanced Jazz Dance I

Suggested class sequence for the experienced dancer who has extensive formal training from a school or studio:

  • THR 114 Intro to Ballet: Experienced
  • THR 231 Intro to Jazz Dance: Experienced
  • THR 212 Intermediate Ballet
  • THR 322 Tap II
  • THR 312 Jazz Dance II
  • THR 410 Advanced Experienced Ballet
  • THR 404 Advanced Jazz Dance II

Design/Technology Minor

Coordinator: Maureen Stevens, M.F.A.

The minor in design/technology is awarded to the student who has successfully completed the following:

  • THR 103 Introduction to theatre
  • THR 104 Stagecraft

Two courses from the following:

  • THR 217, 218, 221, 222, 223, 224, 225, 228, 229, 241, 243, 250, 347, 350,
  • FAA 344, 345

One additional theatre design/technology elective approved by the minor coordinator.

  • Three practicums (one credit each)

Theatre Studies, Art History, Fine Arts & Studio Arts Minors

Coordinator: Dr. Sharon Watkinson, Chair