Class Year:
Senior (Honors Program)

TESOL K-12 and French 7-12

Writing novels and poetry, reading, playing piano, playing guitar, singing, watching movies, running in the Gorge, hanging out with friends.

Extracurricular Activities:
NUFTA, Leadership, Chapel Choir, Honors Program, Varsity Village CA

The Home Stretch

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Hey, everyone!

It feels like it has been forever, and rightly so. The end of the semester gets crazy busy, but I'm making my way through the end of the semester. I have three exams to complete before I can go home for the summer.

I would like to tell you some of the exciting things that have happened to me these past few weeks since my last post! The first has to do with next year, the spring 2014 semester.

I am planning on studying abroad in Angers, France, for the spring semester next year. I am beyond excited looking into this opportunity. If everything goes as planned, I will be taking 18 credits, all in French, at the Universite Catholique de l'Ouest. Here is the link to CIDEF, through which I would take my program:

I would like to stay with a host family to totally immerse myself in the culture. It has always been my dream to travel to France, and to be able to live there on a visa for four months would be the best experience I could ever ask for. Fingers crossed that I get accepted into the program and will be able to blog to all of you from France!

Many other fun events have been happening on campus as well. The Andy Grammer concert was so much fun. It was awesome to see everyone dancing and singing along, and all of the performers were very energetic. We also just had RidgeFest, a weeklong celebration on campus. Some of the highlights for me were getting henna, all the free food from the various cookouts, and going bungee jumping!

I also completed the white certificate portion of my EAGLE Leadership involvement. As I've said before, I am most grateful that I became involved in EAGLE this semester, because I feel that everyone involved has some sort of passion to bring to campus. We had a certificate ceremony during which we all were able to meet and commend one another on everything accomplished this school year. I'm looking forward to next year, when I continue on to the next level of EAGLE. I hope some of you consider joining as well!

I'd better continue studying for my exams. My next post will be the last for this school year, but be sure to look to see what I'm going to be up to this summer, and what I plan to get involved in next semester! Type to you soon! :)