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The Chronicles of the Energizer Bunny

November 14, 2011 by Crystal Lorenzo

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I swear I must have a hidden supply of energy, because with the amount of things I do in a day I don't know how I make it through without passing out. Last week was legit insane. And yes I did just say "legit," that's how serious I am about its insanity level.

First of all, I CHANGED MY MAJOR! Although I love business (and since I'm terrible and didn't say it in the last post, my major WAS international business) but I've discovered what I think was probably there all along but was just clouded by other things going on in my life. What I really want to do is help kids and teenagers dealing with depression, all the issues that come along with it, and I want to prevent suicide. I really want to be directly involved in making a difference and really being there to help turn someone's life around for the better and to show them that there is a reason for living.

So, in conclusion, I changed my major to psychology! BUT that's not all! I had a meeting with Study Abroad where I went in a business major and came out a psychology and Spanish double-major with potentially two minors. I talked to the awesome, and SUPER helpful woman there and she and I decided that I'll go to Argentina the fall semester of my junior year (fall of 2013) and, because of the classes that I'll take there, it will be easy for me to get a major in Spanish as well.

As for the minors, I still want to minor in business because I know how useful and important business knowledge is in the “real world” (which I'm hoping to avoid as long as I can). And the OTHER minor - international studies. So basically my week was hectic, trying to make the right decisions and get everything figured out before I make my schedule for next semester, which I make this Thursday.

It wasn't just all work though. Even though I had an accounting exam, a math test, a huge religion paper and a Spanish quiz to study for, Josh Bernstein came to campus on Tuesday! For those of you who don't know who he is, he travels to every corner of the earth discovering and researching the history and different practices going on there. He has been on the History Channel and the Discovery Channel.

For the past five years, he's been travelling around the world and has found himself in some crazy situations. The one story he talked about was when he was in Papua, New Guinea, and one man there wanted to be mummified when he died, like his father was. He wanted to make sure that his sons knew how to properly mummify him so Josh Bernstein went there and taught the people there how to mummify with resources that they have readily available. Josh and some other researchers took the skeleton/mummy that belonged to the father of the man who wants to be mummified and they re-mummified him to preserve what was left and to show the man's sons how to mummify him. In their culture, they treat the mummies and the dead as if they are still alive, but in a different stage of life. They talk to the mummies and consult them with their questions and Josh was even properly introduced to the man's mummified father.

Besides this story, he had many other crazy adventures that he spoke about. His presentation was so interesting that I literally sat there the whole time with my mouth open. I couldn't believe some of the stuff that he went through and how dangerous some of it was. Here's a link to a picture of the man who wants to be mummified and his dead, mummified father:

And this is Josh's official website.

Everyone feels as though it's a huge problem but my roommate and I found it quite appropriate to put our CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS up last week! It's only like...a month and a half until Christmas! We have a tree and purple ornaments, and a purple sparkly star and window stickers and a Santa doormat and bells for our door and candy canes and garland (CAN'T FORGET THE GARLAND)!

Okay, maybe it's a little early and a little over the top, but we get excited. On Thursday, however, in the lounge of my residence hall, there was a Thanksgiving dinner, which was really good. There was awesome chicken, mashed potatoes, pie (two kinds nonetheless!) and a whole bunch of other wonderful Thanksgiving foods. While we ate we watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown  and then we made paper turkeys. The body of mine is brown and the wings alternate between a pink and black zebra pattern and googly eyes! So now, among our winter wonderland, we have one turkey on the door! Quite appropriate.

AND I did a "photo shoot" with my friend April! One of the pictures is  attached (:

Well, next week is Thanksgiving Break already and to be honest I'm definitely ready for a break. I love it here, but it's going to be so nice to be with my family and friends again and to just relax at home.

Once again, thanks for making it this far. If you're still reading, that's some real dedication! You can always comment if you have ANY questions about ANYTHING or email me at because, if you haven't noticed, I enjoy talking - immensely.