Class Year:

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Traveling, & snowboarding

Outside Interests/Sports:
Badminton, racquetball & volleyball

Favorite TV Show:
How I met your Mother

Favorite Music:
All types of music

That Feeling of Home

October 31, 2011 by Brandon Sears

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Well where to begin...

My name is Brandon and I am a hospitality and tourism management major from Depew, N.Y. Starting off as a freshman here at Niagara has been one of the best experiences. My new "way of life" that I have learned on campus has given me the feeling that I really do belong here. After high school, I thought that nothing would compare to what I had done my senior year of high school, which included running multiple clubs and activities. But I was wrong and can't believe some of the opportunities that I have already received.

I have made many new friends from all walks of life, some of who I can see being friends with for the rest of my life. My new friends have given me that feeling that this is going to be a great four years. Some of my friends are from as far away as Australia and Germany, and as close as the town over from me. Who would've thought that some of these awesome people were closer to me that I thought?

For some, the adjustment to college life was harder than for others, but for me it couldn't have been any easier. Both my life at home and here seem to work together quite well. I get to go home whenever I need to and, if I can't make it home, my home comes to me (my family).

Speaking of family, Family Weekend was this past weekend and it couldn't have been more fun. Living so close to this area, you would think that we would've done everything there is to be done. However, you thought wrong. The Cave of the Winds (pictured) was awesome! I've been living here for 18 years and I have never been on it. There were many activities planned throughout the weekend and it couldn't have been planned any better!

I have joined so many clubs on campus that I honestly don't know how I balance all of the meetings. But, one that I can see playing a big part in is CMAA (Club Managers Association of America). Country Club management is my new-found interest and I love it. It's basically hospitality at a whole new level, something that I can see myself doing for many years to come.  

I hope that for those who see this page that it will give you the same feeling of the campus that I got when I viewed the website and toured the campus. I hope that you will come back for more.