Student Information

  1. If you are unable to make it to your field placement, please email and/or call the school/site where you are assigned at the number below.
  2. Be prompt in your arrival time. Allow yourself enough time to park, etc.
  3. When you arrive at the building, report to the main office to sign in on their visitor's log. Also, sign out upon leaving. Keep track of your hours on your personal log sheet. Have your Niagara I.D. with you. You may be asked to wear it on a lanyard or clip it to your clothing. You must complete 20 hours per semester. Names of the students deficient in hours will be sent to the Dean's Office each semester.
  4. Always phone the school directly to report an absence. Should a situation arise when you will be unable to attend your placement for an extended period of time, please notify both the classroom teacher and the Field Placement Office (716.286.8103). Remember, it is up to you to make up hours lost due to personal reasons. You will only be credited for time lost for incidents outside your control, such as unplanned for school closings (i.e. snow days).
  5. Proper dress is required. Please use your discretion - this should be looked upon as a work/professional placement, not a casual outing. It is up to you to inquire as to whether there is a dress code in place for that particular building. You will be viewed as a role model to many children to whom you are assigned, so exercise good judgment.
  6. Turn off your cell phone. No calls and no texting while at your placement site!
  7. If transportation is being provided for you, call our office at 716.286.8750 or 716.286.8752 to notify us if you won't need a ride at your designated time. Please call as early as possible.
  8. If any problems or questions arise at your site, try to speak directly to your classroom teacher. If you are not satisfied or comfortable with the situation after speaking with the teacher, do not hesitate to call the Field Experience Office at 716.286.8103.