SLAM "Students Leaving A Mark"What is SLAM?

SLAM (Students Leaving A Mark) is an exciting program that educates students about the importance of giving back to Niagara, no matter the amount. ALL of the gifts that are received through SLAM will go directly to the Niagara Fund.

Why is it important?

  • SLAM educates students about the importance of philanthropy.
  • SLAM teaches students that tuition and fees DO NOT cover all of the costs of an NU education - donors bridge the gap!
  • SLAM gives students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of current and future Niagara students.
  • SLAM works recognize and thank alumni for their gifts.
  • SLAM increases awareness to students, faculty, staff, alumni and parents of how gifts to the Niagara Fund affect a student’s experience.
  • SLAM wants to celebrate the act of philanthropy and recognize what has been made possible by donors.

What are SLAM's goals?

The primary goal of SLAM is to instill the importance of philanthropy in students and to provide an opportunity to give back to Niagara before they graduate. There are also three main components to these goals:

Three Components to SLAM’s Mission

  1. To create awareness whereby students learn how their education is partially funded by the generosity of alumni and friends
  2. To develop gratitude for the role alumni and friends play in “bridging the gap” in students’ educational costs
  3. Cultivate giving before graduation
  • Your gift will increase donor participation, enabling Niagara to achieve a higher national ranking which will, in turn, increase the value of your degree and give you an advantage in the job market.
  • The more gifts Niagara receives, the more attractive the university becomes to donors, including larger gifts made by corporations and foundations.
  • By participating in SLAM, you are not only investing in the life of Niagara University, but the lives of other students. It feels good to give back!

How do I, as a student, benefit?

Students helping students. It's that simple.

Seniors Give In Honor of a Loved One or Mentor Today!

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