Class Year:

Spanish Education 7-12

ASL & Deaf Studies

PSIA Cerfitied Ski Instructor

Extra Curriculars:
Women's Golf Team, Bienvenidos, NUSGA Parliamentarian

Spring Break!

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It has been an amazing first half of the spring semester! I am really excited about a bunch of different things so I will start right away with today's agenda:  

  1. Classes
  2. NUSGA
  3. Spring Break
  4. Learn & Serve
  5. Study Abroad


This semester, I am taking History 199 Honors (U.S. History), Spanish 206 (Advanced Speaking/Composition), Spanish 200 Honors (Literature), American Sign Language 100, and Education 236 (Human Development)! I love my schedule and professors; my classes are a bit rigorous because I have two Honors courses, but the semester is rolling smoothly. My favorite class so far is ASL 100, my first class within my minor (ASL & Deaf Studies). It's such a unique and expressive language, and the department has excellent professors who really love spreading ASL awareness and culture. A few weeks ago, I attended the Wintersummerfest Fundraiser for Deaf Access Services (DAS), which is an organization that provides support for the deaf community. Most of the attendees were deaf or hard of hearing, and used only ASL to communicate - it was a little overwhelming but truly a wonderful experience that I won't forget!  


Once again, I will be updating you all about my student government activity, but this year we have some GREAT events! Senator Rung successfully  presented her project to the MAP team about changing and creating new pathways on campus (she worked extremely hard on this project). My class has also taken on a huge endeavor: Buffalo comes to Niagara. During Ridgefest, NU's end-of-the-year celebration, the freshman delegation will be sponsoring a massive bonfire with all things Buffalo as our theme. It's a huge undertaking, but my class is doing a great job and we are slowly but steadily moving toward a successful event! In addition, we are planning an event for St. Patrick's Day but I want to keep those details private until afterwards.  

I would really like to make a note of how much work and effort is put in by all of the class delegations and cabinet. They put a tremendous amount of hours into student government and a lot of their work goes unnoticed.  

Spring Break

On March 1, my golf team and I will be travelling to Kiawah Island, S.C., to play in a three-day tournament on the island's famous golf resort. I am so excited and have not stopped counting the days until our flight departs from Buffalo. The course played host to my all-time favorite golf movie, The Legend of Bagger Vance, so expect lots of pictures and stories in my next blog! I will be staying on campus for the rest of spring break (the tournament ends five days before classes start up again), so at least I can get some work done, rather than being unproductive if I went home.  

Learn & Serve

This semester's Learn and Serve has been awesome. I really love my mentoring teacher and she has great students. She lets me interact with students frequently, lead group activities, and sometimes teach mini-lessons with another student observer in the class. My experiences through Learn and Serve have only further solidified my goal to become a Spanish teacher. I am looking into joining the "Teach for America" Corp. after I graduate (I know it is a long way off, but it's going to arrive much sooner than I think!), which is an organization that places prospective teachers in the most high-needs schools in the U.S. Teaching is not just a job with a paycheck, it's a job where one must influence, inspire, and motivate dozens of lives every day - Teach for America offers that opportunity to students in great need of that inspiration, motivation, and positive influence.  

If you are interested in what the program has to offer please click  here!  

Study Abroad

I don't remember if I mentioned this in my previous blog post, but I am planning on studying in Puerto Rico! I originally planned to go this summer; however, some things have changed and I am now on course to go to the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in the summer of 2015! I am probably unable to go abroad during the semester because of my education requirements and the dual-season golf schedule, although all of my options will obviously be considered. I cannot wait to start the process and will keep you all updated throughout :).  

Once again, I offer up my email,, to any incoming freshman who has questions about anything related to NU, my experiences as a college athelete, or my life here on campus. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my spring break pictures!