Quick Fact Sheet

Beds — Beds are single twin size (standard twin sheets will fit).

Cable — Cable TV is included in your room so personal televisions are permitted. Any cables/wiring needed should be at least 10-feet long to allow for convenient placement.

Damage Deposit — A damage deposit is added to your bill from the Student Accounts Office. It is refundable after graduation or official withdrawal from the residence hall, provided that proper checkout procedures are followed and there are no damage charges assessed. At the end of each academic year, if you return to on-campus housing, your account will be billed an amount equal to the damages charged to you for that year so your account begins the following academic year with a full damage deposit.

Damages — Care of residence hall property is a responsibility of the student and students are held accountable for any damage. If the responsible students are known, they will be billed for the damage. If those responsible cannot be identified, students residing on the floor and/or in the hall where the damage occurred will be billed equally. Students found guilty of vandalism will encounter severe sanctions which may include expulsion from the university. Your cooperation in keeping your “home” clean and free of damage will be greatly appreciated by others living in the residence halls.

Deliveries — Only items mailed through the postal system can be delivered to the post office. Delivery services other than the U.S. Postal Service, including private companies, deliver to the Facility Services store room. Flowers, gifts and Fed Ex are delivered to the Residence Life Office on campus. For more information on mailing and shipping, please click here

Electronics — DVD players, MP3 players, PlayStations, etc., are permitted in residences. It is expected that students will take the residence hall community into account and be considerate when operating such equipment.

Emergency Calls — In an emergency, calls may be placed to the Residence Life Office at 716.286.8100 (during office hours: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.). After office hours, emergency calls should be placed to Campus Safety directly at 716.286.8111.

Laundry — Laundry is free on campus and laundry facilities exist in all residences. LaundryView, an online service which provides updates about available machines, texts you when your laundry is done, etc., is also available in all residences. Visit Laundryview.com for more details.

Mail — All resident students must have post office boxes in order for mail to be delivered. The Niagara University Post Office is a first-class, all-service post office that is located right on campus. It is the students’ responsibility to rent their post office boxes as soon as they come to campus (post office boxes can be rented only in person) and pay the annual fee to continue to receive mail on campus. For more information on mailing and shipping, please click here.

All mail should be addressed as follows: Name, P.O. Box Number, Niagara University, N.Y. 14109.

Personal Project Insurance — As with most universities, NIAGARA UNIVERSITY CANNOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE LOSS, THEFT OR DAMAGE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY OF STUDENTS FOR ANY REASON. Students are advised to keep their doors locked while out of their rooms. An operation identification system exists whereby expensive items may be marked and recorded by Niagara University’s Campus Safety Office. The system may deter incidents of theft. An insurance plan for theft or loss is also available to students from National Students Services Inc. as an optional service. Information about this will be available at the summer orientation program. You may wish to review your family’s homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy to see if your property is covered while you are away from home. You also can elect not to bring valuables with you to campus. PLEASE DO NOT BE WITHOUT PERSONAL PROPERTY INSURANCE.

Rooms — All residence hall rooms are furnished with a desk, chair, wardrobe/cabinet/dresser and single (standard twin-size) bed. All rooms have drapes/blinds. Room sizes/shapes vary extensively and we recommend waiting until you are on campus to measure for carpet, etc., if desired. Approximate square footage for room types is: single (100-120 sq. ft.), double (140-200 sq. ft.), triple (210-260 sq. ft.).

Telephones — Local phone service is included in your room; simply bring your own telephone and cord with you to campus. Although many students bring personal cell phones to campus, you are encouraged to bring a landline phone for your room. This will allow university offices to reach you, assist in cases of emergency (through enhanced 911), and ensure telephone service in a power outage.

Trunks/Luggage — Any luggage or trunks which are to be shipped in advance (other than through the U.S. Postal Service) should be addressed to: Your Name, Residence Hall and Room Number, c/o Facility Services, Niagara University, N.Y. 14109. All trunks should be locked and insured. Please send them at least two weeks prior to your arrival on campus. You may claim your luggage by contacting Facility Services when you arrive, according to the schedule of hours posted. Facility Services is not open on weekends or holidays.