Academic Success Program

What is the goal of the Academic Success Program?

The goal of the Academic Success Program is to assist first-year students who are on academic warning or probation.

Who participates in the Academic Success Program?

The Academic Success Program services first-year students who are on academic warning or probation following their first semester at Niagara University.

What does the Academic Success Program do for its students?

Academic Success provides weekly one-on-one progress conferencing for its students.  The focus of these meetings is helping students identify the factors that contributed to their current academic standing and helping them develop the academic skills and behaviors that can contribute to future success at the university.

What topics are included in Academic Success Program meetings?

  • Academic Goals:  Students are assisted in identifying the issues that resulted in their academic warning or probation and in developing strategies for improving their academic performance.
  • Course Management: Students are instructed on the differences between high school and college courses, the expectations of college professors, the purpose and value of a course syllabus, and the"how-to’s" of communicating with college professors.
  • Self/Time Management: Students are taught how to use semester mapping for assignments and tests, how to create daily/weekly time management plans, and how to be assertive in managing their time and themselves.
  • Study Skills Training: Reading and note-taking strategies are demonstrated for students to practice using in their coursework.
  • Test-taking Skills Training: Students are instructed on how to prepare for various types of exams as well as how to learn from graded exams.
  • Information/Referral: Students are provided with assistance in navigating various campus resources such as the services available in the Office of Academic Support, including peer tutoring, the Writing Center, the Reading Specialist, study skills workshops and video tapes, as well as other resources on campus: Counseling, Career Development, Health Services, Campus Activities, Financial Aid.
  • Introduction to Academic Policies and Procedures: Students learn how various academic policies and procedures may impact the decisions they make, such as class attendance, drop/add, satisfactory academic progress standards, incomplete grades.

How long do students participate in the Academic Success Program?

Students participate during the spring semester.

What have previous Academic Success Program students said about the program?

  • “[This program] definitely helped me to better manage time to get better grades on papers/exams/assignments.”
  • “This program helped keep me aware and on top of everything I had to do.”
  • “The chart to track my grades showed me where I needed help.”
  • “Knowing that there was someone who was helping me keep focused and on track helped me finish my work on time.”
  • “I liked calculating my GPA so I could get an idea of where I was standing.”
  • “Setting up personal and academic goals pushed me to obtain those goals and motivated me to do well.”
  • “I loved the weekly update of my GPA.  My Academic Success Program adviser would show me what my grades looked like each week.  This allowed me to watch my progress or regression closely.”
  • “One-on-one time with my Academic Success Program helped me, because it is more personal and I feel she is really here to help me.”
  • “The program helped me develop my study strategies and skills.”
  • “Organizing my course schedule has helped me stay on top of my assignments.”
  • “The course planning helped me better understand the curriculum card and how to choose my classes.”
  • “Making a calendar with all my due dates was helpful because I could plan week by week.”
  • “Setting a GPA goal was helpful because then I knew what I’d have to get to reach it.”
  • “I found that having someone help me to map out what I need to do to be successful has helped me to do well.”
  • “Knowing that there is a resource on campus that will help me do better gives me more confidence to do better.”