Fac 63
April 1982

    7": IT 1982 (Factory/Base FAC 63) **
    7": UK 1982 (Factory FAC 63)
    7": UK 2009 (Rhino Fac 63) [pale yellow label] +
    7": US 2009 (Rhino FAC 00063) [grey label] +
        5:21    Temptation *
        4:47    Hurt

    7": UK 1982 (Factory/Mute FAC 63b/Mute 22b) ***
                Oberkorn [by Depeche Mode]

   12": HO 1982 (Stemra VR22541)
   12": IT 1982 (Factory/Base FAC 63) ****
   12": JP 1982 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7425AX) [promo w/obi strip]
   12": JP 1982 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7425)
   12": SP 1982 (Nuevos Medios 31-024M)
   12": UK 1982 (Factory FAC 63)
        8:47    Temptation
        8:13    Hurt

-    12" track times taken from Italian Factory/Base label.
*    Also appears on Polish postcard single (B+H Records) [bootleg].
**   Lettering on sleeve in black, not embossed.
***  Testpress mispress, only 8 made.
**** Two labels exists, back/yellow on white and black on blue.
+    Re-released for "Record Store Day" in April, 2009.

[T.Ivarsson] The 7" has a cold start and fade out end, the 12" has a fade in start and a cold end. The rumor is, to experience the total Temptation one should paste the two versions together to a complete song with cold start and cold end. However, Stephen Morris has in an interviewed said that the 7" and the 12" versions are from two different takes.

Q: About 50 seconds into the 12" version I hear someone screaming. Who is that?
A: Bernard said in an interview in the September 2001 issue of Mojo Magazine: "During the recording it started snowing and Rob [Gretton] and Hooky ran outside and got two massive snowballs. When I was recording the vocals they stuck them down the back of my shirt. If you listen to the 12-inch you can hear them coming into the studio and sticking it down my back."

Q: Does the 7" version exists on CD?
A: At this point in time, the 7" version is not available on CD. The Something Wild soundtrack has a short version that is very similar to the 7" version, but it is in fact a different edit. There is also a compilation CD called "B.L.A.S.T. Modern Rock - Program #28" issued by Pellegrino Productions with the 7" version, but it appears as if that CD is unauthorized. See back sleeve and CD. It is not known if the compilation used the 7" as the source or not.

Groove notation:


UK 7"

UK 12" Front

UK 12" Back

IT 12"

Front|Back|Label 1,2


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