Fac 93
August 1983

    7": UK 1983 (Factory FAC 93) [promo]
        4:08    Confusion (edit)
        4:08    Confusion (edit)

    7": GE 1983 (Rough Trade) [1 sided promo] **
        3:38    Confusion (edit)

    7": UK 1983 (Factory/Mute FAC 93/7Bong4) +++
                Love in Itself - 2 [by Depeche Mode]

   12": AU 1983 (Factory/Gap FAC 93)
   12": AU 1983 (Factory/Gap FAC 93) [promo]
   12": AU 1990 (Factory/Festival X14828)
   12": BL 1983 (Factory FAC 93)
   12": CA 1983 (Polygram FACX 13)
   12": FR 1983 (Factory/Virgin 600893)
   12": GE 1983 (Rough Trade FAC 93) [yellow label]
   12": HO 1983 (Factory 08-22687-20)
   12": IT 1983 (Factory/Base FAC 93)
   12": JP 1983 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7419-AX)
   12": JP 1983 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YW-7419-AX) [promo]
   12": JP 1984 (Shinseido Sirius/Crepuscule/Factory Benelux FAC 93)
   12": NZ 1983 (EMI GOOD 501)
   12": SP 1983 (Nuevos Medios 31 046 M)
   12": UK 1983 (Factory FAC 93) +
   12": US 1983 (Streetwise SWRL 2213)
   12": US 1983 (Streetwise SWRL 2213) [promo]
   CMS: AU 1983 (Factory/Gap FACC 93)
        8:13    Confusion *
        5:19    Confused Beats
        7:33    Confusion Instrumental
        8:04    Confusion Rough Mix

   12": US 1983 (Streetwise SWRL 2213) ***
        8:04    Confusion Rough Mix
        8:04    Confusion Rough Mix

   12": US 1990 (Minimal Records QAL-249)
        5:30    Confusion (alternative mix)
        5:10    Confusion (essential mix)
        3:40    Confusion (trip 1-ambient confusion) 
        1:17    Confusion (accapella)
        7:05    Confusion (con-om-fus-ars-ion)
        6:50    Confusion (ooh-wee dub)

 2x12": UK 1996 (FFRR/London FX 260) [released by Pump Panel]
   CD5: UK 1996 (FFRR/London FCD 260) [released by Pump Panel]
       10:24    Confusion (pump panel reconstruction mix)
        9:15    Confusion (pump panel flotation mix)

   12": UK 1996 (??? V2) [released by Pump Panel] ["strictly limited edition"]
   12": UK 1999 (Missile 5.5) [released by Pump Panel]
                Confusion Dub ++

+   First released in embossed sleeve.
++  Same as Confusion (pump panel reconstruction mix) but without vocals.
+++ Mispress: Confusion's A-side with Depeche Mode's "Love in Itself"
    7" single A-side.
*   Also appears on Polish postcard single (B+H Records) [bootleg].
**  Vinyl comes in eight different colours: green, lime, blue, purple, marble
    green/red, green clear vinyl, red clear vinyl and yellow clear vinyl.
*** Testpressing with handwritten, red stamped, or blank label, groove
    notation reads "New Music Seminar Special Edition".

-   Even though Confusion was never released by Of Factory New York, the label
    assigned the item a catalogue number, OFNY 9.

[Jonathan Scott] "In early 1984 I spoke to a member of New Orders sound crew who mentioned a Confusion mix he 'had heard' that was basically an unreleased Arthur Baker/Jellybean project mixing the basic elements of 'Confusion' with parts of Freeze's 'IOU'. [...] I have been told that it surfaced on a dub-plate (acetate) and was produced in a New York cutting house."

Reportedly, a mix of Confusion/IOU used to be played a lot at the Hacienda around 1984/85.

Q: What are those strange colors on the sleeve?
A: It's a color code Peter Saville same up with, see Power, Corruption and Lies for decoding information.

Q: What does the "W-W-R-L" in the beginning of the song mean?
A: Barney's lyrics are always up to the interpretation of the listener but one possible explanation that has surfaced is that "W-W-R-L" could be a reference to the radio station, WWRL, in Harlem, New York.

Q: What's the deal with the Streetwise testpressing from the New Music Seminar?
A: The Streetwise testpressing (SWRL 2213) with blank, handwritten and/or stamped labels was made for the "New Music Seminar" in New York. As a part of the new Music Seminar New Order played at the Garage on July 7, 1983. Approximately 400 of these 12 inchers were made.

Q: I thought the German 7" promos only came in four colors?
A:[Fernando] "... the intended colors were the first four [green, lime, blue, purple], and the others seem to be the result of moving colors, as that would state that the other variations are way hard to get."

Q: Since I saw the movie Blade I keep on hearing that sample from Confusion in a lot of tracks, what's up with that?
A: The rumour is that the sample first heard in the Pump Panel remix of Confusion slipped through the royal cracks and is now featured in at least three tracks: "Confusion" by Pump Panel, "Phatt Bass" by Warp Brothers vs Aquagen, and "Operation Blade" by Public Domain.

Q: Did 808 State remix Confusion?
A: 808 State did record "Blue Monday" and "Confusion" in 1988, they did not remix the tracks. Originally "Blue Monday" was called "So Hot" because of Gerald Simpson's voice. The tracks, "Blue Monday (so hot mix)" and "Confusion (acid house mix)", were released on 12" by Rephlex (CAT 806 EP) in 2004.

Groove notation:


UK 12"

UK 7" promo

GE 7" promo

Facc 93

JP 12"

SWRL 2213 Label

QAL-249 Label

New Music Seminar: 1|2

Pump Panel


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