Fac 33
March 1981

    7": AU 1981 (EMI/Gap SFA-541)
    7": FR 1981 (Factory/Virgin 101 578)
    7": IT 1981 (Factory/Base FAC 33) [orange sleeve]
    7": SW 1981 (Factory FAC 33) [non-embossed sleeve]
    7": UK 1981 (Factory FAC 33) [gold sleeve]
    7": UK 1981 (Factory FAC 33) [testpress] [matrix #LYN9479]
        4:34    Ceremony
        4:35    In a Lonely Place

   12": AU 1982 (GAP/CBS FAC 33) [green sleeve] [matrix #202980]
   12": AU 1982 (GAP/CBS FAC 33) [promo] [matrix #202979]
   12": AU 1990 (Factory/Festival X14833)
   12": FR 1981 (Factory/Virgin 600 204) [green sleeve]
   12": IT 1981 (Factory/Base FAC 33) [bronze sleeve] ***
   12": IT 1981 (Factory/Base FAC 33) [green sleeve]
   12": NZ 1983 (GAP/EMI FAC 33/12) [green sleeve] +
   12": SP 1982 (Nuevos Medios 31-007) [green sleeve]
   12": UK 1981 (Factory FAC 33) [green sleeve] [matrix #FAC33A1]
        4:34    Ceremony
        6:12    In a Lonely Place

   12": UK 1981 (Factory FAC 33) [cream/blue sleeve] [matrix #FAC33A2] **
        4:22    Ceremony *
        6:12    In a Lonely Place

   12": UK 2011 (Rhino Records Fac.33) ++
                Ceremony (original version)
                In a Lonely Place (12" version)
                Ceremony [Joy Division]
                In a Lonely Place [Joy Division]

-   7" and 12" from Portugal may exist.
*   Re-recorded in September 1981 when Gillian Gilbert joined the Band.
**  White label testpressing exists.
*** First pressing had a grey label, second a black label listing time for In
    a Lonely Place as 4:31. Second sleeve somewhat different.
+   First pressing had a label saying "Rough Trade/GAP", later reissued with
    a label saying "EMI/GAP."
++  Re-released for "Record Store Day" in April, 2011. Remastered by Stephen
    Morris and Frank Arkwright. Limited edition of 800-1000 copies.

[Fernando] "In A Lonely Place was not recorded again... though some articles claim that the mix was done a little better (in the bass region). The version [of Ceremony] on Substance is the re-recorded (with Gillian). The thing is that the blue stripe cover went through different girations, and three versions exist. First, it was the re-recorded version, and Ceremony's grooves take the whole side. It was withdrawn, and then re-released with the original 3-piece version. Eventually, that was stopped, and the re-recorded version was used again. This time, the grooves span less space. The matrix number also has different values, with A1 and A2 (between the two re-recorded versions). There are also versions of the green cover with the re-recorded version. The only way to tell without playing the record, is to look at the run-off groove notations, as different lyrics are quoted."

Q: Can you clarify this a little bit more?
A: [T.Ivarsson] "In a simplified way, the green sleeve is the original version, and the cream/blue sleeve is the re-recorded one. However, one needs to look at the groove notation to be certain.

The green sleeve comes in two flavors:

The reason for G2 was that there were too many green sleeves left over once they re-recorded the version (recycling is good). I'm pretty sure that G2 contains is the FAC33A1 and not the FAC33A2 - though some may exists.

The cream/blue sleeve comes in three flavors:

Why CB1 was withdrawn and replaced with CB2 beats me. So, the trick is really to check the groove notation to see what version you have."

Q: Does In a Lonely Place differ between the two 12 inch singles?
A: If you listen to the digital thunderclap sound you may hear that they are in different places. The final bars of the track may reveal the difference.

Groove notation:


UK 7"

UK 12" Original

UK 12" Re-release

Record Store Day

IT bronze sleeve

7" releases


AU 12": Promo|WLTP
NZ 12": #1|#2


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