2x12": US 1986 (Razormaid RM-012) ["R.1"]
  2xCD: US 19?? (Razormaid CVC #2)
        8:45    Sub-culture [1st remix]

 2x12": US 1987 (Razormaid Second Anniversary)
 2x12": US 19?? (Razormaid MT-003) ["Special Collectors Edition"]
        9:32    Sub-culture [2nd remix] *

 3x12": US 1990 (Razormaid ANV5.5) ["Prehistoric 5.5 Anniversary Issue"]
  2xCD: US 1990 (Razormaid RM-CD-11) ["Prehistoric Razormaid!"]
        6:56    Sub-culture [3rd remix]

* Features additional vocals by Debora Iyall of Romeo Void.

Q: What's the story on the different Razormaid! remixes?
A: [Joseph Watt] "[1st remix] was a completely new production that I did in Berlin. From the original 24 track tape, we only used his vocal and the guitar. The rest of the tracks were written and performed by me and David Harrow. (That mix was known as the "r-1" mix because that was our issue number of the original release it came out on.)
When we got back home to London, we didn't like the mix that well, although we had already sent the master tapes back to SF for the "official" release, so we took our new multi track version to Sarm West where we were working on several other groups and remixed it very quickly one night between Depeche Mode and Gary Numan.
Four months later, while working on an Anniversary release back in SF, we were in the studio with Deborah Iyall remixing her new solo album. She came in during the end of the New Order session and thought the song was cool and wanted to sing on it. I didn't see a problem with that so I wrote her new vocal part and had her sing it. Unfortunately, to my surprise, she is completely "tone death". I had to sing it for her and then record it so she could sing along with me. In the end we used both my vocal and hers (Left and right channel).
There was a forth remix one year later and that was simply called the "CD Remix", which appeared on the double CD, RM-CD-11 Prehistoric Razormaid.
I hope this solves the mystery of the dreaded... Subculture Remixes."

Editor's note: Joseph is mixing things up, there are only three remixes, the Anniversary mix and Prehistoric mix (aka. CD Remix) are the one and same.





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