Waiting For The Sirens' Call

March 2005

  2xLP: UK 2005 (London/Warner Music 25646 2202 1)
  2xLP: US 2005 (Warner Music 9362493701) [UK pressing with sticker]
    CS: ID 2005 (London Records 82564622024/HWO 5913)
    CD: AR 2005 (London Records 25646 2202 2)
    CD: AU 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: CA 2005 (London Records/Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: CH 2005 (Universal H2211) ++
    CD: FR 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2) [Ltd. ed. 5000] +++
  2xCD: GE 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2) +
    CD: HK 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: JP 2005 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-12017) *
    CD: MX 2005 (Warner Music Mexico 6220229)
    CD: SG 2005 (London Records 2564622022)
    CD: TH 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: TW 2005 (Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: UK 2005 (London Records/Warner Music 25646 2202 2)
    CD: UK 2005 (London Records PROP05358) [promo]
    CD: US 2005 (Reprise Records 9362 49370-2) **
    CD: US 2005 (Warner Bros. 2A-49307-A) [promo]
   CDR: UK 2005 (London Records) [promo] ++++
   CDR: US 2005 (Warner Bros.) [promo]
        5:41    Who's Joe?
        5:16    Hey Now What You Doing
        5:42    Waiting for the Sirens' Call
        4:33    Krafty
        6:00    I Told You So
        5:12    Morning Night and Day
        5:40    Dracula's Castle
        5:23    Jetstream
        5:39    Guilt is a Useless Emotion
        4:35    Turn
        3:26    Working Overtime
        4:33    Krafty (japanese version) *
        6:52    Krafty (the glimmers 12" extended mix) *
        7:05    Krafty (phones reality remix) *
        6:27    Guilt is a Useless Emotion (mac quayle vocal mix) **

   CD5: GE 2005 (Warner Music 50-50467-7821-5-0)
        3:47    Krafty (single edit)
        4:53    Krafty (re-edit of album version)

   CDR: UK 2005 (Warner Music) ["Unmastered Unfinished Album"] [promo]
        5:42    Lordsy
        5:11    Road to Ruin
        5:39    Waiting for the Sirens' Call
        4:31    Krafty
        5:55    I Told You So
        5:07    Pop 1
        5:37    Minidisk 2
        5:20    Jet
        5:35    Fast Synth
        4:32    Turn
        3:24    Working Overtime

+    Initial copies offered exclusively through Amazon Germany comes with 2tr
     CD5 of Krafty.
++   Chinese release with lots of translation errors. Possibly a non-legit
+++  Comes with a special booklet with an interview.
++++ Released with different dates on sleeve, e.g. "25th Jan 2005" and
     "1st Feb 2005", as well as different watermark numbers.

- A megamix with some of the tracks was made available by the label for the
  fans to download. The megamix was also issued on "DJ Only Issue #74" by DMC.

"Turn" may have been planned as a single. Peter Hook mentions in in February 2006 NME issue that the "Tribute Mix" of "Waiting for the Sirens' Call" will be the b-side to the "Turn" single. Also, Michael Shamberg has made a handful of videos for "Turn".

Q: I heard the radio playing other tracks that don't seem to be on the album. What tracks did I hear?
A: You probably heard the tracks on the album. However, when the album was initially promoted some of the tracks still had the demo names. In Germany the label added "FKA" to some of the tracks in order to avoid any confusion. FKA stands for Formerly Known As. The tracks are:
Q: But are there any tracks available not released on the album?
A: Besides Hellbent there is an album, Lost Sirens, ready for release - Frank Arkwright mentioned in November 2011 that he was cutting a new piece of vinyl for New Order. But as of June 2012 the album is still unreleased. The albums contains tracks recorded during the sessions for "Waiting for the Sirens' Call".

Q: The sleeve looks... uninspired. What's the story?
A: [Colin Torr] "The intended sleeve was the one that was finally used on the single of WFTSC. The story that was circulated at the time was that the whole oriental woman/water business was too much for Warners [editor's note: due to the 2004 tsunami...] so they pulled the sleeve and asked Saville for another one. The 'No' image was one that he'd played with before and, given the short deadline, he used that. ... The picture was taken from a fantastic anthology of photographs from Life magazine and shows a Tahitian(?) girl having a wash in a river."






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Waiting for the Sirens' Call
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