Reprise In-House CDR-Pack 2001

January/June 2001

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Qwest) ["Various 7" Versions"]
        4:41    Confusion [1987 dub]
        3:43    Evil Dust
        3:33    Rocking Carol
        3:55    Ode to Joy
        5:19    Temptation [7"]
        4:08    Confusion [7"]
        3:51    The Perfect Kiss [UK 7"]
        3:01    Kiss of Death [UK 7"]
        4:23    The Perfect Kiss [FBN 7"]
        3:59    The Perfect Kiss [video edit]
        4:23    Shellshock [7"]
        3:55    Thieves Like Us [instrumental edit]
        3:40    Bizarre Love Triangle [CA 7"]
        3:44    Bizarre Love Triangle [remix edit]
        3:34    Dub-Vulture [edit]
        4:20    Bizarre Love Triangle [dub edit]
        0:31    Blue Monday [Sunkist commercial]
        3:24    Sub-Culture [7"]
        3:27    State of the Nation [edit]
        2:30    Happy One [from Substance video]
        4:55    Sub-Culture [BL 7"]

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Reprise) ["Various 80's Remixes/Tracks"]
                Subculture (joseph watt remix)
                Temptation (original 12" mix)
                Paradise (robert racic remix)
                Run 2 (Extended)
                MTO (minus remix)
                Everything's Gone Green (7")
                Cries and Whispers

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Reprise) ["1995 Remixes"]
                Confusion (pump panel dub)
                Confusion (pump panel flotation remix)
                World in Motion 96 (mark bell remix)
                Everything's Gone Green (advent mix 1)
                Everything's Gone Green (advent mix 2)
                Everything's Gone Green (advent mix 3)
                Everything's Gone Green (advent mix 4)
                Ruined in a Day (k-klass 1993 edit)
                Temptation 98
                Salvation Theme
                Touched by the Hand of God
                Let's Go (original)
                Touched by the Hand of God (original 12")

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Reprise) ["1995 Remixes"]
                Temptation (cj bolland remix)
                True Faith (twa remix)
                True Faith (paul oakenfold remix)
                True Faith (sexy disco dub)
                1963 '95 (arthur baker extended)
                Spooky (nightstripper remix)
                1963 (joe t. vannelli light remix)
                1963 (joe t. vannelli dubby remix)
                1963 (lionrock full throttle remix)
                1963 (lionrock M6 sunday morning)
                1963 (lionrock sparse'n fast mix)

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Reprise) ["The Rest Of New Order + Remixes"]
                Blue Monday (hardfloor remix)
                Confusion (pump panel reconstruction)
                Touched by the Hand of God (biff and memphis)
                Bizarre Love Triangle (armand van helden mix)
                Age of Content (howie b remix)
                Blue Monday (jam and spoon remix)
                1963 (joe t. vannelli remix)
                Blue Monday (richie hawtin remix)

   CDR: US 2001 (Warner Bros/Reprise) ["Blue Monday 95"]
        6:29    Blue Monday (plutone remix)
        5:39    Blue Monday (starwash remix)
        8:14    Blue Monday (hardfloor dub)
        7:30    Blue Monday (manuela remix)
        8:26    Blue Monday (andrea remix)
        5:22    Blue Monday (brain remix)
        3:47    Blue Monday (plutone edit)
        4:13    Blue Monday (hardfloor edit)
        7:25    Blue Monday (hawtin mix) [richie hawtin mix]
        4:06    True Faith (oakenfold edit) [perfecto radio edit]
        7:41    True Faith (tall paul eschreamer dub)
        7:44    True Faith (tall paul eschreamer dubbier) [eschreamer mix]

- This 6-disc set was given to a few A&R people at Warner. The tracks are
  taken from digital and analog sources. There are no unreleased digital
  versions on this set.
- Released in January and June of 2001.

Q: Are the tracks from the Christmas Flexi re-mastered?
A: No, sources report that the tracks are taken from the flexi and not any master or re-mastered source.


Various 7" Versions

Various 80's Remixes/Tracks

1995 Remixes

1995 Remixes

The Rest Of New Order + Remixes

Blue Monday 95


Bizarre Love Triangle
Blue Monday-95
Christmas Flexi
Everything's Gone Green
Ruined in a Day
Run 2
State of the Nation
The Perfect Kiss
Thieves Like Us
Touched by the Hand Of God
True Faith
True Faith-94
World in Motion
? - (The Rest Of) New Order
Power, Corruption and Lies
New Order Story
Substance 1989