Fact 50
November 1981

    LP: AU 1982 (Gap FACOZ 1007)
    LP: AU 1981 (Gap FACOZ 1007) [promo]
    LP: BL 1981 (Factory Benelux FACT 50)
    LP: BZ 1981 (BMG 670.9146)
    LP: CA 1981 (PolyGram FACD 05)
    LP: EU 2009 (London Records/Rhino 2564-68879-7) [180-gram vinyl]
    LP: FR 1981 (Factory/Virgin 201894)
    LP: FR 1981 (Factory/Virgin 70164)
    LP: GR 1981 (Virgin/EMI VG50103)
    LP: HO 1981 (Factory/CBS FACT 50) [testpress]
    LP: IT 1981 (Factory/Base FACT 50)
    LP: IT 1994 (Factory/Base FACT 50)
    LP: JP 1985 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YX-7350-AX)
    LP: NL 1981 (Dureco/Factory VR22494)
    LP: NZ 1981 (EMI FACT 50/Code 32)
    LP: PG 1981 (Factory/BMusic VFACT 111-1)
    LP: SP 1982 (Nuevos Medios 33-004)
    LP: UK 1981 (Factory FACT 50)
  2xLP: UK 1981 (Factory/Townhouse FACT 50) [two one sided acetates]
    LP: US 1981 (Factory/Rough Trade FACT 50) *
    LP: US 1981 (Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 50)
    LP: US 1981 (The Automatt FACT 50) [recut acetate for side 2]
    LP: US 2009 (Rhino Records R1 45089) [180-gram vinyl]
    CS: AU 1981 (Gap TC-FACOZ 1007)
    CS: AU 1987 (Factory/CBS FACT 50C)
    CS: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival C30406)
    CS: CA 198? (PolyGram FACD4-05)
    CS: CA 198? (PolyGram 830 404-4)
    CS: IT 1981 (Factory/Base FACT 50MC)
    CS: NZ 1981 (Factory FACTC 50)
    CS: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 50C) **
    CS: UK 1992 (London Records 520 018.4)
    CS: US 1981 (Factory/Rough Trade FACT 50C) [mispressed cover]
    CS: US 1992 (Qwest 9 45089-4)
    CD: AU 1987 (Factory/CBS FACD 50)
    CD: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival D30406)
    CD: CA 1989 (PolyGram 830 404-2)
    CD: FR 1986 (Factory/Virgin 30215)
    CD: GE 19?? (Factory/Rough Trade 410.0029.2)
    CD: JP 1989 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 25CY-3108)
    CD: JP 1993 (Polydor K.K. POCD-1883)
    CD: JP 2000 (EastWest Japan AMCE-6100)
    CD: JP 2005 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-75041)
    CD: UK 1986 (Factory FACD 50) +
    CD: UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 018.2)
    CD: UK 2000 (London Records 8573 81953-2)
    CD: US 1988 (Factory/Rough Trade FACTUS 50 CD)
    CD: US 1989 (Factory/Rough Trade FACD 50) [reissue; mispressed cover]
    CD: US 1992 (Qwest 9 45089-2)
        3:13    Dreams Never End
        4:37    Truth
        4:45    Senses
        4:07    Chosen Time
        4:33    I.C.B.
        5:29    The Him
        4:16    Doubts Even Here
        4:20    Denial

  2xCD: JP 20?? (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13166/7) [first issue] ++
  2xCD: JP 2010 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13581/2) ++
  2xCD: UK 2008 (London Records 2564693694) ++
  2xCD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 516185) ++
 2xCDR: UK 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++
 2xCDR: US 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++
        [Disc 1]
        3:15    Dreams Never End
        4:39    Truth
        4:46    Senses
        4:08    Chosen Time
        4:34    I.C.B.
        5:31    The Him
        4:19    Doubts Even Here
        4:23    Denial
        [Disc 2]
        4:25    Ceremony (12" version)
        5:26    Temptation (7" version)
        6:14    In a Lonely Place (12" version)
        5:32    Everything's Gone Green (12" version)
        4:29    Procession (7" version)
        3:27    Cries and Whispers
        8:07    Hurt (12" version)
        3:03    Mesh (12" version)
        4:37    Ceremony (alternate version)
        8:51    Temptation (alternate 12" version)

+  Also as a limited edition with CD car carry case.
++ "Collector's Edition" with remastered tracks. The first issue had audio
   problems and was quickly corrected and re-issued.
*  Issued in purple, red and green translucent vinyl editions.
** Original boxed-cassette format with unique packaging deleted.

-  Dreams Never End, Truth, Senses, Chosen Time, and Denial also appears on
   Polish postcard single (B+H Records) [bootleg].

[Fernando] "If it [US Fact 50] has a purple translucent vinyl, then it is very rare (hold it up to a light, and the color, if any, is noticeable). Red colored are very scarce. This colors are the result of formulations used by rough trade in the original pressings, with the purple being the very first pressings. Early pressings also had the grinding wheel Fact logo stamped on the inner sleeve -- there should be no bar code on the back either!
US CD mispressed cover... this mixed up happened on the first run of the *second* pressing of Movement. The first pressing was on Rough Trade, just like the LP. In between the time of RT loosing the NewOrder contract and WB picking up the remainder (just Movement and the JD catalog at that point), there were these intermediate pressings. If you are able to compare, the CD graphics are just like the Factory pressings, but written in white instead of black. The CD from RT has really big letters. Soon after the first batch, the cover was corrected. The dots and lines were just done mirrored. So, this is a kind of mispress, but not as rare as the Rough Trade CD (my guess)."

Q: One question about "Movement"...On my CD, and the new blue cover US release, the beginning couple seconds are cut off. The cassette version is fine the UK CD complete?
A: The RT version is complete... there is one or two notes chopped off on the UK version.

Q: On my LP from Portugal (VFACT 111-1), there is an extra song on the a-side. What is that?
A: That is not an extra song, it is part of the song Denial that ended up on the a-side by mistake.

Q: Am I going crazy or do some re-issued CDs sound different?
A: It seems as if the re-mastered CD from Europe (early 2000) has the channels reversed compared to the original Factory issue.

Q: Why are there two car carry cases for the UK CD?
A: The blue case wasn't ready on time, so the white cloth one was sent out with the first batch. Subsequent CDs were sent with the blue case.

Q: I have seen a 2-CD box-set with "Movement" and "Low-Life", why isn't this listed in the Discography?
A: That box-set appears to be a bootleg. However, a 2-CD box-set that is legit is the Australian release with "Low-Life" and "Get Ready".

Q: I have seen a the sleeve design somewhere else...
A: Yes, the sleeve is... inspired by Fortunato Depero's cover of the Futurismo journal of 1932.

Q: I have a bunch of US CDs and they all have different sleeves, why are they different?
A: The Qwest release has the blue cover and the Factory/Rough Trade releases have the cream cover. The first issue of the Facory/Rough Trade has "FACT.50" instead of "FACD.50", it was then reissued with "FACD.50" but the dots are reversed. The last reissue of the Factory/Rough Trade CD has the "correct" creme cover.

Q: I heard that the 2008 re-master had some sound quality issues that was later fixed. How do I know if I have the corrected CDs or not?
A: One way to check if you have a fixed CD is to look at the matrix on the inner spine of the CD. If the number ends with "V02" then you have a fixed CD. For "Movement" at least the second disc has been fixed.





Car Carry Case

Case 1, 2 (front, back)

2008 reissue

2008 CDR

Fact 50C - Box


Sleeve: UK|US
Discs: UK 1/2|US 1/2

Translucent vinyl

Polish postcards

Purple #1/#2|Red


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Everything's Gone Green
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