Fact 100
May 1985

    LP: AR 1987 (Buelax BLX10002) [titled "Vida Pobre", all info in Spanish]
    LP: AU 1985 (Factory FACT 100)
    LP: AU 1985 (Factory FACT 100) [promo]
    LP: AU 1985 (CBS Records FACT 100) [white label pressing]
    LP: BL 1985 (Factory Benelux FBN 100)
    LP: BZ 1987 (WEA 670.0001)
    LP: CA 1985 (PolyGram FACD 21)
    LP: EU 2009 (London Records/Rhino 2564-68879-8) [180-gram vinyl]
    LP: FR 1985 (Factory/Virgin 70366)
    LP: GE 1985 (Rough Trade RTD30/EFA3030)
    LP: GR 1985 (Virgin VG 50121)
    LP: IS 1985 (Acum FAC 100)
    LP: IT 1985 (Factory/Base Records FAC 100)
    LP: JP 1985 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YX-7352-AX)
    LP: NZ 1985 (EMI EMC258)
    LP: PL 1988 (Tonpress SX T63) ***
    LP: SP 1985 (Nuevos Medios L 33137/33138) [sleeve has catalogue L 33137]
    LP: SW 1985 (Factory/MNW FACT 100)
    LP: UK 1985 (Factory FACT 100)
    LP: US 1985 (Qwest 9 25289-1)
    LP: US 1985 (Qwest Records) [double sided acetate]
    LP: US 2009 (Rhino Records R1 25289) [180-gram vinyl]
    CS: AR 1986 (Buelax BLX 10002-1) [titled "Vida Pobre", all info in Spanish]
    CS: AU 1985 (Factory FACT 100C)
    CS: AU 1985 (Factory Australasia FACTC 100)
    CS: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival C30407)
    CS: BL 1985 (Factory Benelux FBNC 100)
    CS: CA 198? (PolyGram 836 954-4)
    CS: CA 1985 (PolyGram FACD4-21) **
    CS: EU 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 020.4)
    CS: FR 1986 (Virgin 50366)
    CS: JP 1985 (Columbia CCK-5090)
    CS: MA 1985 (Factory Australasia TC-FACT 100)
    CS: NZ 1985 (EMI TC-EMC-258)
    CS: PH 1989 (Alpha Records FRC-89-3004)
    CS: UK 1985 (Factory FACT 100C) */****
    CS: UR 1988 (Renew Variety 465901) [titled "Vida Pobre", Uruguay]
    CS: US 1985 (Qwest 9 25289-4)
    CS: US 1985 (Warner Bros. WB-25289) [promo]
    CD: AU 1987 (Factory/CBS FACD 100)
    CD: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival D30407)
    CD: AU 1993 (Warner Music Australia/CentreDate 520 020.2)
    CD: AU 2001 (Warner Music Australia/CentreDate 8573 81313-2) +++
    CD: BZ 1996 (PolyGram 520 020-2)
    CD: CA 1989 (PolyGram 836 954-2)
    CD: GE 19?? (Factory/Rough Trade 410.0006.2)
    CD: JP 1985 (Factory/Columbia FACD 100/33C38-7413) +
    CD: JP 1985 (Factory/Columbia 33C38-7413)
    CD: JP 1989 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 25CY-3110)
    CD: JP 1993 (Polydor K.K. POCD-1885)
    CD: JP 2000 (EastWest Japan AMCE-6102)
    CD: JP 2005 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-75043)
    CD: PL 1991 (Sonic SON 16)
    CD: UK 1985 (Factory FACD 100) ++
    CD: UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 020.2)
    CD: UK 2001 (London/Centredate Co Ltd. 8573 81313-2)
    CD: US 1985 (Qwest 9 25289-2)
    CD: US 19?? (Qwest/BMG Direct Marketing D 102681)
        4:18    Love Vigilantes
        4:48    The Perfect Kiss
        4:43    This Time of Night
        5:58    Sunrise
        4:53    Elegia
        5:11    Sooner Than You Think
        4:54    Sub-culture
        5:03    Face Up
                The Perfect Kiss (12" version) */**
                The Kiss of Death *
                Perfect Pit *

  2xCD: JP 2010 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13170/1) [first issue] ++++
  2xCD: JP 2010 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13585/6) ++++
  2xCD: UK 2008 (London Records 2564693700) ++++
  2xCD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 516184) ++++/+++++
 2xCDR: UK 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++++
 2xCDR: US 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++++
        [Disc 1]
        4:19    Love Vigilantes
        4:50    The Perfect Kiss
        4:45    This Time of Night
        6:01    Sunrise
        4:55    Elegia
        5:11    Sooner Than You Think
        4:58    Sub-culture
        5:06    Face Up
        [Disc 2]
        8:51    The Perfect Kiss (12" version)
        7:27    Sub-culture (12" version)
        6:31    Shellshock (12" version)
        7:55    Shame Of The Nation (12" version)
       17:29    Elegia
        3:45    Let's Go
        2:16    Salvation Theme
        7:59    Dub Vulture (12" version)

   12": US 1985 (Warner Bros.)
    CS: US 1985 (Warner Bros.) [promo]
        4:17    Love Vigilantes
        4:41    This Time of Night
        4:54    Subculture
        8:24    The Perfect Kiss

+     CD shows "FACD100", "33C38-7413" on inner spine. Original UK sleeve.
++    Also as a limited edition with CD car carry case.
+++   Unique sleeve. Released in a 2-CD box-set (5101 10814-2) together
      with "Get Ready".
++++  "Collector's Edition" with remastered tracks. The first issue had audio
      problems and was quickly corrected and re-issued.
+++++ First issue had disc 2's label on disc 1 and vice versa.
***   Also available as limited edition of 5 postcard flexi's.
****  Original boxed-cassette format with unique packaging deleted.

-    "This Time of Night", "Sunrise", "Elegia", and "Face Up" (PUR 000823)
     also appears on Polish postcard single (B+H Records) [bootleg]. "Sooner
     Than You Think" appears as a Polish flexi (PUR 000825).

For the longest, the existence of a 20 minute version of Elegia was rumored. Stephen Morris mentioned in an interview in Select (September 1993) that ".. the album version [of Elegia] are the highlights of the 20 minute song." The track finally surfaced on the bonus CD of Retro.

Q: What is said between Perfect Kiss and the beginning of This Time of Night on Low Life?
A: [FAQ] Well, if you turn the volume up enough, you should hear:
"I'm one of the few people who lives what's called a low life"
The sample was taken from Jeffrey Bernard, a columnist for the UK magazine The Spectator. However, Jeffrey tried to sue, and the sample was removed - or rather recorded over, which is why if you turn the volume up, you can just about hear it (especially on CD).

Q: Why does my Factory Low-Life CD have less low-frequency and more high-frequency sounds (volume wise) than my US Best Of CD?
A: [Darren Prior] "The reason for this is that the whole of Low-Life has the emphasis flag set. It was recorded the way you hear it now and your cd player turns on a filter when it sees the flag.
The way to get round this is to use something like CDRWin where you can set the flag manually for each track, or to use a wav editor and filter the file - for that you would need to know the filter characteristics (which I don't.)"

Q: What are the song titles of "Vida Pobre"?
A: The song titles on the unique sleeve from Argentina are:

Q: I heard that the 2008 re-master had some sound quality issues that was later fixed. How do I know if I have the corrected CDs or not?
A: One way to check if you have a fixed CD is to look at the matrix on the inner spine of the CD. If the number ends with "V02" then you have a fixed CD. For "Low-Life" both discs have been fixed.

Q: When I replaced my bonus disc with the fixed version it sounds as if "Salvation Theme" is different. Is this correct?
A: [NotAMod] "I've just noticed that 'Salvation (theme)' on the fixed Low-life bonus disc seems to be a different mix with a audibly different keyboard part to the one on the defective pressing. The one on the defective disc (I kept the MP3 rip) is identical to the version on the 1987 Salvation! soundtrack but the fixed disc seems to contain a new take."


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