Fact 150
September 1986

    LP: AU 1986 (Factory/CBS FACT 150)
    LP: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival L30400)
    LP: BE 1986 (Factory Benelux FACT 150)
    LP: BZ 1987 (WEA 670.0022)
    LP: CA 1986 (PolyGram 830 527-1)
    LP: EU 2009 (London Records/Rhino 2564-68879-5) [180-gram vinyl]
    LP: FR 1986 (Virgin 70467)
    LP: GE 1986 (Factory/Rough Trade RTD 42)
    LP: GR 1986 (Factory/Virgin VG50217)
    LP: IS 1986 (Factory/Helicon FACT 150)
    LP: IT 1986 (Factory/Base Records FAC 150)
    LP: JP 1986 (Factory/Nippon Columbia YX-7413-AX)
    LP: NZ 1986 (EMI NZ Ltd. EMC-293 Code 32)
    LP: PL 1986 (Tonpress SX-T109)
    LP: SP 1986 (Nuevos Medios 33 209)
    LP: SW 1986 (Factory/MNW FACT 150)
    LP: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 150)
    LP: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 150SP) [limited metallic sleeve]
    LP: US 1986 (Qwest 9 25511-1)
    CS: AU 1986 (Factory/CBS FACT 150C)
    CS: AU 1986 (Factory Australasia FACTC 150)
    CS: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival C30400)
    CS: CA 1986 (PolyGram 830 527-4) ***
    CS: FR 1986 (Virgin 50467)
    CS: IS 1986 (Factory/Helicon FACT 150)
    CS: NZ 1986 (EMI TCEMC-293)
    CS: PH 1989 (Alpha Records FRC-89-3002)
    CS: TH 199? (London Records 520 021.4)
    CS: UK 1986 (Factory FACT 150C) ++++
    CS: UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 021.4)
    CS: US 1986 (Qwest 9 25511-4)
    CD: AU 1986 (Factory/CBS FACD 150) *
    CD: AU 1990 (Factory/Festival D30400) *
    CD: BZ 19?? (PolyGram ???)
    CD: CA 1986 (PolyGram 830 527-2) **
    CD: FR 1986 (Virgin 30214)
    CD: GE 19?? (Factory/Rough Trade 410.0005.2)
    CD: JP 1986 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 33CY-1143)
    CD: JP 1989 (Factory/Nippon Columbia 25CY-3111)
    CD: JP 1993 (Polydor K.K. POCD-1886)
    CD: JP 2000 (EastWest Japan AMCE-6103)
    CD: JP 2005 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-75044)
    CD: UK 1986 (Factory FACD 150) */+
    CD: UK 1986 (Factory FACD 150) [limited metallic sleeve] *
    CD: UK 1993 (London/CentreDate Co Ltd. 520 021.2)
    CD: UK 2001 (London/Warner 8573 81952-2)
    CD: US 1986 (Qwest 9 25511-2)
    CD: US 19?? (Qwest/BMG Direct Marketing D 102684)
        3:48    Paradise
        3:51    Weirdo
        3:43    As It Is When It Was
        3:44    Broken Promise
        4:03    Way of Life
        4:20    Bizarre Love Triangle
        5:09    All Day Long
        3:40    Angel Dust
        4:25    Every Little Counts
        6:32    State of the Nation */**/***
        7:54    Shame of the Nation ***
        6:44    Bizarre Love Triangle (remix) [remixed by Shep Pettibone] **

  2xCD: JP 20?? (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13172/3) [first issue] ++/+++
  2xCD: JP 2010 (Warner Music Japan WPCR-13587/8) ++/+++
  2xCD: UK 2008 (London Records 2564693699) ++
  2xCD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 516183) ++
 2xCDR: JP 2009 (London Records) [promo] ++
 2xCDR: UK 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++
 2xCDR: US 2008 (Rhino Records) [promo] ++
        [Disc 1]
        3:51    Paradise
        3:53    Weirdo
        3:46    As It Is When It Was
        3:47    Broken Promise
        4:06    Way of Life
        4:22    Bizarre Love Triangle
        5:12    All Day Long
        3:44    Angel Dust
        4:28    Every Little Counts
        6:34    State of the Nation
        [Disc 2]
        6:43    Bizarre Love Triangle (12" version)
        5:37    1963 (12" version)
        9:03    True Faith (shep pettibone remix)
        7:06    Touched by the Hand of God (12" version)
        7:10    Blue Monday '88 (12" version)
        3:44    Evil Dust
        7:51    True Faith (eschreamer dub)
        7:20    Blue Monday '88 (dub)

+    Also as a limited edition with CD car carry case.
++   "Collector's Edition" with remastered tracks. The first issue had audio
     problems and was quickly corrected and re-issued. Some releases
     incorrectly lists True Dub and Beach Buggy instead of True Faith
     (eschreamer dub) and Blue Monday '88 (dub). The (eschreamer dub) may
     also be listed as (tall paul mix).
+++  Lists True Faith (eschreamer dub) instead of (eschreamer mix).
++++ Original boxed-cassette format with unique packaging deleted.

Q: Whose voice is it at the end of Angel Dust?
A: [John A. Frye] "That is Dunya Yusin, a Lebanese mountain singer- from 'The Human Voice in the World of Islam' Tangent Records TGS 131.
I found this out when I heard Evil Dust and realized that it is the same sample that was used on 'My Life In The Bush of Ghosts' by Brian Eno and David Byrne (EXCELLENT album)...typography by Peter Saville for another interesting coincidence."

Q: I have seen a 2-CD box-set with "Brotherhood" and "Technique", why isn't this listed in the Discography?
A: That box-set appears to be a bootleg. However, a 2-CD box-set that is legit is the Australian release with "Low-Life" and "Get Ready".

Q: I heard that the 2008 re-master had some sound quality issues that was later fixed. How do I know if I have the corrected CDs or not?
A: One way to check if you have a fixed CD is to look at the matrix on the inner spine of the CD. If the number ends with "V02" then you have a fixed CD. For "Brotherhood" at least the second disc has been fixed.

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2008 reissue

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Brotherhood's metal sheet


Bizarre Love Triangle
Blue Monday 1988
State Of The Nation
Touched by the Hand of God
True Faith
True Faith-94
Way Of Life
In Concert 422
iTunes Essentials
On the Edge 93-23
Substance 1987
Out of Order 96-33
Live in Glasgow