? - (The Best Of) New Order

November 1994

    LP: BO 199? (Lauro Records 30166) ***
                True Faith
                Bizarre Love Triangle
                Blue Monday
                Round & Round
                Ruined in a Day
                World in Motion

  2xLP: BZ 1994 (PolyGram 828 580.1)
  2xLP: UK 1994 (London Records 90 Ltd 828580.1)
    CS: CA 1994 (PolyGram 422 828 580-4)
    CS: ID 1995 (Polygram 828580 4)
    CS: IS 1994 (London/Helicon 828580 4)
    CS: MA 1999 (Warner/WEA 3984 28228 2)
    CS: PH 1994 (Polycosmic Records 828580 4)
    CS: TU 1994 (London/Raks Müzik 828580 4)
    CS: UK 1994 (London Records 90 Ltd 828580.4)
    CS: UK 1994 (London Records) [promo]
    CD: AU 1994 (Polydor 828580.2) *
    CD: AU 1999 (London Records 3984 28228 2)
    CD: BZ 1994 (PolyGram 828 580.2)
    CD: BZ 1994 (PolyGram 828 580.2) [ltd. ed.]
    CD: CA 1994 (PolyGram 422 828 580-2) [white disc]
    CD: CA 1994 (London/Warner 2 28228) [golden disc]
    CD: CA 1994 (PolyGram/BMG Direct Marketing D 108396)
    CD: CA 1994 (London/Columbia House P2 28580)
    CD: EU 1999 (London Records 3984 28228 2)
    CD: IS 1994 (London Records 828580.2)
    CD: JP 1994 (Polydor K.K. POCD-1157)
    CD: JP 1999 (EastWest Japan AMCE-6053)
    CD: SA 1994 (Teal Trutone STARCD 6152)
    CD: TW 1994 (London Records 3984 28228 2)
    CD: UK 1994 (London Records 90 Ltd 828580.2)
   CDR: UK 1994 (London Records/Tape-to-Tape) [promo]
        5:34    True Faith-94
        3:53    Bizarre Love Triangle-94
        3:47    1963-94
        4:07    Regret
        3:08    Fine Time
        4:48    The Perfect Kiss
        4:26    Shellshock
        6:35    Thieves Like Us
        5:14    Vanishing Point
        4:26    Run 2 +
        3:59    Round & Round-94
        3:39    World (The Price Of Love)
        3:58    Ruined in a Day
        3:47    Touched by the Hand of God
        4:10    Blue Monday 1988
        4:30    World in Motion

    CS: US 1995 (Qwest/Warner Bros. 9 45794-4)
    CS: US 1995 (Qwest/BMG Direct Marketing C 108153)
    CS: PH 199? (Polycosmic Records ???) **
    CD: US 1995 (Qwest/Warner Bros. 9 45794-2)
    CD: US 1995 (Qwest/BMG Direct Marketing D 108153)
    CD: US 1995 (Qwest/Warner Bros. 2-45794-A) [promo]
    CD: US 2008 (Rhino Records R2 512851) +++
        4:02    Let's Go (Nothing for Me)
        3:11    Dreams Never End
        5:13    Age of Consent
        4:18    Love Vigilantes
        4:28    True Faith-94
        3:51    Bizarre Love Triangle ++
        4:04    1963-95
        3:08    Fine Time
        5:14    Vanishing Point
        4:26    Run
        3:59    Round & Round-94
        4:07    Regret
        3:58    World
        4:25    Ruined in a Day
        3:47    Touched by the Hand of God
        4:10    Blue Monday-88
        4:30    World in Motion

    CD: FR 1994 (Barclay 5941) [promo]
        5:34    True Faith 94
        3:53    Bizarre Love 94
        3:47    1963
        4:10    Blue Monday
        4:26    Shell Shock
        4:30    World in Motion

+   Actually the original version of "Run" from the album "Technique".
++  Actually "Bizarre Love Triangle-94" as appears on the UK issue.
+++ CD case is in a card board slip case.
*   Limited edition, comes with a T-shirt with the blue '?'.
**  Issue does not contain "Regret". Sleeve also mentions a LP and CD release.
*** Exact track versions not confirmed.

- A UK promo box set exists that is approximately 4" x 7" white with
  the amorphous "?" on the cover, and includes a UK release discography
  and copies of the CD and CS versions of the album.

- A CDR from Barclay/Polygram, France, is supposed to exist containing
  an edit of Vanishing Point.

Q: What is the difference between the Bizarre Love Triangle from 1986 and Bizarre Love Triangle-94?
A: As for True Faith from 1987 versus True Faith-94, they are basically the same as the original versions. However, Stephen Hauge, the producer, "cleaned" up the sound and the mixing of the songs.

Q: So, is Round & Round-94 a re-recorded version then?
A: [Andrew Morrison] "Technique came out in early 1989 with the original, New Order-produced 'Round & Round'. That version was then remixed to make those "club" mixes on that cutesy 3 inch Remix CD single. The actual 7 and twelve inch mixes were re-recorded with Stephen Hague, not long after Technique came out, hence the extra harmonies and different arrangement. That, re-recorded seven inch mix was then re-mastered with a little tweaking for 'The Best Of' in 1994. The only really noticeable difference is the wide stereo panning of the opening orchestra hits, and the lack of delays on Barney's voice in the verse ('Done to me, done to me, done to me', etc.)"

Q: Why is the track listing so different between the US issue and the rest of the world?
A: [Antoine] "Qwest records didn't want some tracks appearing on Substance 1987 to appear on the best of NewOrder. That's why Shellshock, The Perfect Kiss, Thieves Like Us didn't make it to the CD. They decided to include one track from each album instead, and they are said to have asked some fans before about which tracks to include... Hence those tracks, Dreams Never End, Age of Consent, Love Vigilantes..."

Q: Why is Vanishing Point included on the album?
A: [Antoine] "Because it was planned for a single release in 1994. But London Records changed their mind and went for a new version of True Faith instead. A radio edit for Vanishing Point is supposed to exist, as well as several mixes..."


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FR Sampler

FR Sampler

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Promo Box


Bizarre Love Triangle
Blue Monday 1988
Fine Time
Let's Go
Round & Round
Ruined In A Day
Run 2
The Perfect Kiss
Thieves Like Us
Touched By The Hand Of God
True Faith
True Faith-94
World In Motion
Power, Corruption and Lies
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