Class Year:
Senior (Honors Program)

TESOL K-12 and French 7-12

Writing novels and poetry, reading, playing piano, playing guitar, singing, watching movies, running in the Gorge, hanging out with friends.

Extracurricular Activities:
NUFTA, Leadership, Chapel Choir, Honors Program, Varsity Village CA

New Year, New Semester

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Hi, everyone!

It feels so good to be back on The Ridge with everyone else. Winter break gave us just enough time to recuperate from the fall semester and get ready to focus on the spring! I was happy to find out I would be returning to campus with sophomore status, based on the courses I took in high school and the credits I earned last semester.

So far I've enjoyed all of the new professors I've met for my spring classes. I particularly like Creative Writing, which shouldn't come as a surprise since I love to write! I know that Honors Philosophy and French will be challenging for me, but I'm working on maintaining a schedule that will allow me to have adequate study time. I'm most nervous about having a night course on Wednesdays this semester, since I still find the concept of taking a class in the evening to be strange. But I'm ready to tackle the challenge head on! :)

Of course, with coming back to campus in the new year, resolutions are a topic that seems to pop up every now and then. My personal goals are to create a schedule in which I can go to Kiernan, get ahead on assignments and manage eating healthier options, rather than just grabbing fast food at Clet or Gally. This semester's going to be about evaluating options for me.

As prospective students search the NU pages for reasons why they should be a Purple Eagle, I hope you will find the blogs that I and other students have been writing to be helpful. If you have any questions that you'd like an answer to, or a topic you'd like me to write a blog about, I'd be happy to respond to any comments below or write to you from my email,

Type to you soon! :)