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Nature, Corn Mazes, Movies, and Pumpkins!

October 28, 2012 by Crystal Lorenzo

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So we meet again on this lovely October day!

Fall is so perfect. The leaves which begun to fall so that they scatter around the ground but still leave the trees looking full. There's nothing better. Weather like this turns my whole mood around, and I seriously wish it stayed like this and we could just skip the whole winter thing. But I guess the seasons aren't really up to me, are they?

Welp, since fall is obviously my favorite season, I've spent the last two weeks soaking up all the fall goodness I possibly can! When I left you all last time, I was heading to Glens Falls, N.Y., to visit my cousin, Ryan! My uncle, aunt and I left at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday (so I had to get up at 5:20!) and drove 4.5 hours to see Ryan. That day we went out to eat in Saratoga Springs and then went out to Lake George and drove up Prospect Mountain, stopping at four different overlook points, including the summit, which Ryan and I actually hiked up to from the last overlook. It was so beautiful and we took TONS of pictures!

The next day we went to eat at a cute little bakery in Saratoga Springs, and then went to this GIANT park, like seriously giant.  

After that, it was unfortunately the end of our stay and we had to head back to good ole WNY.

Last weekend, a bunch of us from TWLOHA went to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower at the movies at the Galleria Mall! It was so amazing, and half of us were bawling our eyes out by the end”¦ and I was sadly included in the criers (I do have to admit!). Afterward, we went to Jack Astors, where we literally laughed NON-STOP, so hard we were crying the entire time. They also told the waiter it was my birthday so I got “Happy Birthday” sung to me while I had to stand like I was singing “I'm  a little teapot.” Embarrassing to say the VERY least. But still, so much fun and totally worth the embarrassment!

The next day we went to a corn maze with Psych Club, which would have been a WONDERFUL fall activity, but it had been raining almost all morning. We thought that it should be dried up by 5 p.m. so decided to go anyway. Well, we were very, very, wrong. It was impossible to even move one foot in front of the other, because each time we would step our foot down it would go flying. I fell... a lot of times and, for some reason, we went in through the medium level maze and came out the difficult maze exit. No idea how that happened! Oh and a minute into the maze, it started raining again. So we were freezing, soaking wet and covered in mud by the time we were done with the maze! It was a little rough, but we still had a lot of fun anyways and, of course, had to take a picture (Check out what our feet are in””that's what the whole maze was!). Afterward, we went to Tim Hortons to try and warm up, but I think the only thing we were successful at doing was coating Timmy Hos with a nice thick layer of mud.

Wednesday was the day for pumpkin painting! I spent my lunch hour in the Gallagher Center painting pumpkins that were put out by the Campus Programming Board, and then at night TWLOHA painted some more pumpkins! I was pretty excited, it was some great stress relief!  

I hope you enjoyed reading about my last two weeks of fall fun! Stay tuned for more excitement! (: