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Hello, everyone! I apologize for 'speaking' with you guys so late into the semester. I have been too busy with classes, a part-time job, and trying to make the most of every moment I've had at Niagara.  

Literacy, Math and Technology Fair  

One cool event that most sophomore education majors work at is the Literacy, Math and Technology fair. At Niagara Falls High School, about 100 students from Kindergarten to 6th grade came to the fair to participate in all of our activities. For my education class, we had to choose a children's book and create a teachable activity that we could showcase at the fair. My partner, Lexi, and I created an activity by using the book The Day My Runny Nose Ran Away by Jason Eaton. This was a great experience because it gave us direct practice with kids.    

Learn and Serve

As we are on the topic of hands-on experience, Learn and Serve gives Niagara students opportunities that other colleges could not provide. For those who may not know, for incoming education majors, Learn and Serve transports students to local schools ranging from grade levels and settings. It is nice to experience a suburban elementary school, and then go to a more urban school the next semester. As a freshman, you will have 20 hours in   a school your very first semester. It may seem daunting at first, but it really works out.      

Well, I must get back to my Spanish homework! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about Niagara! :)  

Cya later,
Michael Stilson