Management Development


  • Working with Disabled Individuals
  • Customized Development Programs
  • Profit Optimization
  • Supervisory Training
  • Moments that Make a Difference
  •        Improve your customer's experience.
  • Business Plan Development
  • Team Building
  • Industry Certifications

Delivery Methods

  • On Campus: Niagara University offers classrooms, lecture halls, computer labs, science labs, and banquet rooms that are perfect for hosting any business. The Niagara University Center for Events & Management Development will tailor a program to the needs of your organization.
  • Off Campus: Looking to have a training session at your facility? One of our specialists can come to your site.
  • Webinars: Interested in our services, but cannot make the trip to Niagara University? Consider a webinar.

Customer Service Training

  • Excellence in Customer Service

    Click on the image to get a sneak peek of Excellence in Customer Service. REGISTER for the Excellence in Customer Service online course. If you are already registered, click HERE to sign in.

ServSafe Class

  • ServSafe ® Training

    Food safety training is a commitment, a mindset and a smart business practice for every restaurant and foodservice operation in our industry. Food safety training doesn't end, however, once a manager earns certification. That's where it begins — by implementing food safety practices on a daily basis. It is also critical that every person in an operation meets today's food safety practice demands. The ServSafe® program provides the resources to help keep food safety as an essential ingredient in every meal. ServSafe® training is the one commitment to food safety implementation that we should all share every day.

    ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification ensures that you and your employees have a solid grasp on safe food handling procedures. Risk Management is critical to the success of every restaurant and foodservice operation, particularly the area of food safety. After all, serving safe food is not an option -- it is an obligation of all restaurant and foodservice professionals. Proper training is one of the best ways to create a culture of food safety within your establishment.

    Our one day training class offers a hands on instructing approach with highly qualified and motivated subject matter experts in the area of Food Safety and Sanitation. The topics included are as follows but not limited to:

    • Providing Safe Food, Microworld, Food Borne Illness & The Safe food Handler
    • Safe Food Purchasing, Receiving, Storage, Preparation & Service
    • Sanitary Facilities and Pest Management, Food Safety Regulations and Standards
    • How to Implement Food Safety Practices Learned in the ServSafe Program
    • ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam

    ServSafe® certified employees will be even more valuable to the workforce. It is the law in many states to have ServSafe® certified employees on duty.

    Let us help you. ServSafe® is offered by only certified instructors and to the strict specification of the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

    Becoming ServSafe® Certified provides the knowledge and confidence necessary for keeping food safe and quality high. We will educate employees, reduce liability risks, minimize insurance costs and improve food quality. Most importantly, you will be protecting your customers.


    Who should attend?
    • Dietary Department Managers
    • Kitchen Managers
    • Business Owners
    • Dieticians
    • Educators
    • Restaurant Managers
    • Food Service Workers
    • Administrators
    • Health Departments
    • Child Day Care Centers

    Receive your certification during a six-hour training class concluding with a comprehensive final exam at the conclusion.

    $195.00 per person.  Includes instruction, course booklet, and all handouts.  Group rates are also available, based upon availability.

    Contact us today to find out the next available date.

TIPS® Training

  • On Premise - Online Server Alcohol Training

    Our On Premise TIPS® Training can be done on site for your group of 30 participants or less by one of our certified TIPS trainers in a consistent, team-themed setting -- OR -- this course can be taken individually and conveniently online. The program is designed for servers at restaurants, bars, hotels, or any establishment where alcohol is consumed on the premises. Employees learn strategies for serving alcohol responsibly while providing the best possible customer service. The registration fee for either course (online or on site) includes all TIPS® training materials and certification for each participant.

  • Off Premise - Online Alcohol Server Training

    Take our Off Premise TIPS® Training Course. This program addresses the sale of alcohol at grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores, and package stores. Clerks learn strategies for preventing illegal alcohol sales to underage and/or intoxicated patrons. Your registration fee provides you with the eTIPS® training, tools, and certification upon completion.

Sales and Marketing

  • Sales Audit

    When is the best time for hotel owners, operators and lenders to contract for an independent, comprehensive sales and marketing audit? The answer? Anytime is the time.

    Operators need to make certain that nothing is being overlooked in sales and marketing. A professional consultant with a "fresh set of eyes" is needed to conduct a truly independent audit. Only hotel marketing consulting specialists should be conducting sales audits.

    Why have an audit?

    To make sure... 

    ·         The owner and operator are in agreement over the property's positioning 

    ·         Sales and marketing support programs and services are fully optimized 

    ·         Yielding and revenue management systems are in place and effective 

    ·         Data management and mining resources are in place and effective 

    ·         CRO and aligned GDS are exceeding expectations in the delivery of room nights and revenues 

    ·         Your sales department is deployed, equipped, funded, directed, productive and monitored correctly 

    ·         Future definite and tentative group room nights are booked, verifiable and authentic 

    ·         Sales, catering, convention services and reservations departments are meeting all standards

    You should also have an audit to figure out if another brand would help deliver new and better business, greater occupancy, and drive rates.

    Results may uncover... 

    ·         That your sales staff is too engaged in reactive selling. 

    ·         Sales files marked "dead," failure to follow up on general inquiries, lost business, former hot prospects, turned over to new, dynamic outsourcing firms to convert into fresh leads and actual definite business. 

    ·         That your sales staff is improperly deployed. 

    ·         That there are missed opportunities for cross-selling, re-booking and potential referrals. 

    ·         An absence of a strong, effective public relations program. 

    ·         That critical markets are underdeveloped, e.g., SMERF (social, military, education, religious, fraternal), leisure.

    We provide a comprehensive audit report that details the current status and suggests changes necessary to maximize your results.

    We are available to assist in implementing and monitoring changes as appropriate.


Financial Services

  • Revenue Optimization

    Companies are realizing that managing revenue is increasingly important.  The Hospitality Training & Research Center's Revenue Management seminar will enable owner/operators to enhance their capabilities for monitoring and improving the profitability of their assets.

    As a result of our seminar you will...

    • Have a solid understanding of the main principles of revenue management.
    • Have obtained concrete tools and made an implementation plan for optimizing revenue management in your own hotel.
    • Be able to implement forecasting and revenue optimization techniques 
    • Understand the effect of different pricing levels on demand 
    • Be able to make distribution management more profitable 
    • Be able to evaluate the impact of revenue management

    Niagara University's Hospitality Training and Research Center is committed to providing the tools that are necessary to maximize your company's revenue.

Professional Development

  • Management Training Program

    Niagara University's Hospitality Training & Research Center will tailor a program to fit the needs of your organization. We offer interactive workshops that will enhance your guest”™s experience by sharpening the hospitality skills of your management and ensuring that they are well equipped with the skills required for success.

    Interactive on-site workshops will include all members of management charged with supervisory responsibilities. Managers will be divided into two groups of equal size, scheduled on alternate days, in order to facilitate ongoing staffing requirements without disrupting quality service.

    The duration of the training will be two full day sessions for each subgroup, separated by 60-90 days to complete required assignments.     
    Session One
    • Leadership and why it is critically important to you and your organization  
    • Leadership vs. Management          
    • The hospitality industry's unique leadership characteristics and requirements              
    • Leadership and You!            
    • Resources and Development            
    • Individual leadership skills assessment     
    Between Session Assignment
    • Personal SWOT Analysis           
    • Personal Biographical Sketch             
    • Ethics Based Leadership Case Analysis            
    • Leadership Related Book Review
      (to be selected from recommended list)        
    Session Two
    (within 60-90 Days of Session One)
    • Property Specific Leadership Applications.              
    • Moments of Truth:  External (your clients/guests customer satisfaction).                  
    • Internal (your employee motivation and retention).                
    • Human Asset Management and leadership criteria.            
    • Organizational and personal Standards of Excellence.                   
    • Certification of Satisfactory Completion.        
  • Employee Development

    Effective communication is the basis for a successful career in the Hospitality Industry. The Niagara University Hospitality Training & Research Center will give your employees the tools they need to be effective communicators, both verbally and non-verbally.

    When dealing with external customers, it is important to understand that everything with communication is perception. The "moment of truth" is the specific time when the customer is looking for you to resolve their problem. How you communicate the solution is the fine line between success and failure. Quality customer service will also have a direct effect on future sales efforts. The goal should always be to exceed the customers' expectations.

    We will review the necessary skills needed to help your employees communicate more effectively by comprehending non-verbal communication and the importance of effective listening skills.

    Team Building
    Teamwork is important in most industries, but it is a imperative in the Hospitality Industry. The entire operation depends on the cooperation of all departments. We discuss the specific responsibilities of each department and how they interrelate. To understand one's role is one thing, but to understand the "big picture" is the key to success.

    We review the importance of working together to reach the common goal; a satisfied customer. The emphasis on the internal customer relationships will help create and maintain a positive attitude and a higher morale. This will also lead to a lower turnover rate. A teamwork philosophy will create positive attitudes and improve customer service.

Risk Management

  • Working with Guests and/or Employees with Disabilities

    The organizations that are likely to be more successful are those who continuously focus on finding ways to develop their sales operations and focus on the fact that well-trained associates are vital to the success of an organization.

    As stated in a 2005 research study done by The Open Doors Organization in cooperation with The Travel Industry Association of America, 60 percent of travelers with disabilities who have stayed overnight in paid accommodations said they had problems at these properties.  Either there were physical barriers (48%), problems with customer service (45%), or communication barriers (15%).

    Are your employees ready to service your guests that have disabilities?  The great amenities and beautiful properties are of little value, if employees are uncomfortable serving guests with disabilities.  When we train our employees to be comfortable with our disabled guests, we also make our guests more comfortable.

    The Niagara University Hospitality Training & Research Center will tailor a program to fit the needs of your organization.  We offer interactive workshops that will enhance your guest”™s experience by sharpening the hospitality skills of your management and staff, ensuring that they are well equipped with the skills required for success.

    Training sessions include...
      Hotel Training

    • Bell Person 
    • Front Desk 
    • Housekeeping
    • Concierge

    Restaurant Training

    • Host/Hostess
    • Servers

    Staff members will be trained on how to properly deal with guests that are visually impaired, hearing impaired, speech impaired, mentally impaired, and mobility impaired.

  • Diversity Awareness

    Diversity awareness training is having a significant impact on many sectors of our society. It is a source of enrichment which can bring many benefits to every organization.

    This workshop will give individuals and corporations the opportunity to learn, grow, and integrate ideas for improving the work environment and the quality of the guest”™s experience.

    The Niagara University Hospitality Training & Research Center”™s Diversity Awareness workshop will enable participants to:

    Define components of culture.

    Have a clear understanding of what is meant by diversity.
    Have a deeper understanding of their own culture, attitudes, values, beliefs, and how these affect their response to others.
    Understand how culture background affects their own and others behavior.

    Explore ways culture impacts on workforce behavior.
    Focus on curiosities and tips to understand diverse cultures.

    What is culture?

    Culture is known as a group”™s way of life that is passed from one generation to the next. It can be described as what people make, think, value and to ensure their existence.

    Culture determines what is appropriate to eat, drink, wear, and much more. The basic components of a culture such as language, religious practices, and system of government usually resist to significant change.

    Culture is very complex and it affects our entire existence, therefore it is essential that we understand how culture develops.

    What is ethnicity?

    Ethnicity is the classification or affiliation of a particular group that shares a common cultural heritage.

    What is diversity? Why is it important to talk about it?

    Diversity includes differences in gender, age, cultural backgrounds, economic levels, race, education, personality, lifestyle, etc.

    It is important to address the issue because most people grow up having little or no experience with people who are different from themselves. Yet, in the workplace you are exposed to the most diverse population.

    Lack of experience and exposure impacts people”™s perception, often negatively. Negative perception limits expectations and opportunities.

    What are values?

    Our values are what we consider important. Attitudes reflect values. Values express who we are.

    Tools used in this workshop include...
    • Questionnaire - Understanding My Own Diversity
    • Discussion
    • Exploration of the ways that culture impacts workplace behavior
    • Global Diversity Quiz
    • Video ”“ Understanding International Guests
    • Multicultural Checklist
  • Harassment Awareness

    Respect in the workplace is vital in any operation. Our Harassment Awareness trainers will inform both management and employees of their right to be free from all forms of unlawful harassment in the workplace. We will then conduct an assessment of your current status, and will either put a system in place to maintain respect, or develop a healthy environment.

    The Harassment Awareness Training will illustrate how to limit exposure to personal and corporate liability by enabling you to recognize and stop the occurrence of workplace harassment such as...
    • Sexual harassment
    • Sexual orientation discrimination and harassment
    • Racial harassment
    • Ethnic or national origin harassment
    • Religious harassment
    • Disability harassment
    • Age harassment
    Our training not only teaches how to recognize sexual and other types of harassment, but also how to respond to it effectively; as well as how to report it to a manager or Human Resources.
  • Safety/Security

    The Hospitality Training & Research Center can provide your organization with the critical information needed to assist you in a proactive approach to preventable and non-preventable emergencies.

    Crisis Management and Emergency Response Procedures in the hospitality industry...
    • Describe the role of emergency management plans
    • Demonstrate knowledge of safety and security measures for responding to a variety of emergency situations
    • Implement procedures to deal with situations
    • Media Relations response
    Upon evaluation of your current situation, the Hospitality Training & Research Center will tailor an emergency management plan to fit your organizations needs.

Needs Assessment

  • Secret Shopper Surveys

    Customer Feedback Experiences
    Our mystery shoppers can provide a fair, unbiased opinion regarding quality customer service, up selling techniques, the purchase process, and much more. These services can then be improved; resulting in more satisfied customers and potential new ones. Companies that understand a small investment in a mystery shopper will have many financial long term benefits and improve the bottom line.

    Select the style that best suits your needs...

    • Personal contact, including audio and/or video recording
    • Telephone contact, including audio recording

    You will discover...

    • How quickly a customer is greeted?
    • What is the perception of your employees’ greeting?
    • How are conflicts addressed and resolved?
    • Are you missing out on potential selling opportunities to increase revenue?
    • Are your employees representing the company in a professional manner?
    • Are your customers’ welcomed back?

    A representative from Niagara University will initially meet with you to determine your goals and expectations of the project. We will review our results with you during a one on one consultation. Specific written and audio data can be provided for future reference.

    See immediate results when comparing our data prior to and at the conclusion of a training seminar!


  • Guest Services

    Guest satisfaction is the key to your success, however providing good guest service requires a unique combination of skills.Your employees will gain the ability to satisfy all guests, therefore building long-term loyalty among them.

    Our interactive workshop consists of three sessions:

    Session One

    The Basics

    • Appearance
    • Language
    • Attitude

    Guest Connection

    • Who are our GUESTS and what do they want?
    • Meeting Guest's Needs and Expectations. 
    • What to do when you can”™t do what the Guest wants.  

    Session Two

    Complaint Handling

    • Managing the difficult Guest
    • Handling the angry Guest
    • How are you percieved at the "Moment of Truth"

    Telephone Techniques

    • Effective Telephone Skills
    • Getting and Keeping Control  
    • Quick Response

    Effective Communication 

    • How do you sound to Guests?
    • Fine-tuning your communication skills
    • Sharpening your listening skills

    Stress Management 

    • Managing the stress makers

    Session Three

    Increasing Professionalism 
    • Dimensions of an excellent Service Professional


    • Tips to understand diverse cultures
  • Youth Registration