Major Options

Individually Designed Majors: An Opportunity for Creative Students

The individualized major program offers creative students the opportunity to design interdisciplinary majors especially suited to their own particular interests or career goals. Working closely with the liberal arts  advisor and faculty from each of the relevant disciplines, students may plot their own course of study around some core problem, topic, or theme that is of special interest to them, and that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The problem, topic, or theme chosen by the student will serve as the basis for the program proposal and the selection of courses within each of the two or three disciplines. This work will culminate in the completion of a senior seminar research project centered around the student's interests. Students who wish to enter the program in their junior or senior years  may need  prior approval of a proposal to enter the program.

Model Majors: Popular Options for Liberal Arts Majors

Similarly to the individualized major programs, Model majors are established versions of the liberal arts that have been developed through partnerships with certain departments on campus, or popularized by student interest. Each nvolves study in two or three specific disciplines within the College of Arts and Sciences, but they have been developed to offer suggested courses and are often supported with a specific major advisor who specializes in that area of study. The program currently offers programs in:

The following major programs developed out of the model majors to become individual departments on campus.  

For more information on each of these specific programs, see the relevant entries in our catalogue or talk to the liberal arts director.