Learning from Day One

Business 120 Freshman Course

BUS 120 is the College of Business Administration's innovative, team-taught course designed to introduce our freshman business students to the dynamic global world of business.

Unique Experience

Business is an exciting and fast-changing field and the successful business student will want to start understanding the dynamics of how the real business world works as soon as possible. At Niagara University, you enroll directly into the business school and start in BUS 120, a required course for all incoming freshman. BUS 120 is designed to get students up to speed on the language and trends in business, as well as to develop important computer and communication skills.

At many universities, you may not be able to take business courses such as management, marketing and finance until your junior year, but at Niagara University you begin on day one of your freshman year to learn about all aspects of business and management.

We believe our freshman students are ready and eager to begin learning the language of business, the stories of successful firms, career options, and gain a better understanding of the technology and practices that are driving business today. According to Dr. Jim Kling, BUS 120 professor and chair of the department of management,

The more time students have to process the lessons of the real world of business, the sooner they will understand where their opportunities can be found. As faculty members, we are working hard to accelerate the students' business knowledge learning curve so they will have a competitive advantage when they graduate.

The Curriculum

The students read two business books and complete a reading assignment as part of the curriculum - Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Start Something That Matters that allow them to start thinking about what it means to be successful in business.

A day long, required BUS 120 retreat is held on campus in September. The students get to know each other and their professors while learning about business and participating in a financial board game, and several team building activities." For more information about the retreat click here.

We have been continuously improving our freshman business experience for 17 years. This course includes different modules that expose students to various aspects of business and also give them the skills they will need to succeed in the business world. Business freshmen learn how to find and interpret business news from finance to current global issues using the technology in our Financial Services Laboratory.

BUS 120 students also complete a module on proper business etiquette and professional communication including how to properly dress for various business functions. click here for business attire guide

BUS 120 students also have the opportunity to participate in a service learning project that sends thousands of lightly-used sandals from Niagara Falls' Cave of the Winds to developing countries and much more.

Contrast these experiences with other schools, which often don't allow you to take business courses or enter the business school until your junior year. If you are serious about your business career, do not wait any longer, join the BUS 120 team (Dr. Jim Kling, Dr. Anna McNab and Prof. Mitch Alegre) on this rewarding journey!