Class Year:

Biology and Chemistry

Religious Studies

Getting lost in a great novel.
Going on walks throughout campus and along the gorge.
Undertaking spontaneous activities/events.
Acrobatic Yoga.

President of Niagara University Men's Club Soccer
Research Assistant
Peer Tutor
Student Panel Leader
Summer/Fall Orientation Leader
Teacher's Assistant/Recitation Leader
Member of Biology Club, Circle K, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Twitter Handle:

James Lioi

Baby I'm Back

Posted by James Lioi on February 1, 2013

Howdy, everyone! We're back and ready to go. Although I, for one, could have used a few more days of rest and relaxation at home, others may disagree. While I'm at it, I wish I still had some Christmas cookies to munch on. One month is just not...


Another Semester Down

Posted by James on December 16, 2012

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is doing well during this holiday season. To those of you in college, my thoughts go to you during finals. Speaking of which, that is currently what I am working on, but I needed to take a break so I figured I'd blog....


Gobble Gobble Gobble

Posted by James Lioi on November 15, 2012

Well hello again! It's been a while; things have been a little hectic around here so I apologize to those who consider themselves avid blog readers of mine (if there are any, ha). Anyhoo, like I said, things have been crazy around here lately. With...


What's Life Without Midterms?

Posted by James Lioi on October 21, 2012

”˜Ello there, I'm British today! Not really, but some days I do wonder what I may sound like to someone of a different language or dialect.   Life has been busy, to say the least this semester. One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is how...


Just Keep Rolling

Posted by James Lioi on October 2, 2012

Howdy, everyone! Fall is finally here! The leaves are turning, I have more options to choose from when I get dressed in the morning, orange juice is the number one drink on campus, and I sleep cozily underneath my comforter. I, for one, love autumn...


Baby I'm back!

Posted by James Lioi on September 10, 2012

Hey, everyone, I'm back! I guess my boss liked me last year so they invited me back to blog again during this lovely 2012-2013 school year.   First things first, hello again! I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did! I also hope your summer was...


Freshman Reflections

on April 22, 2012

Hey, all! Well this is the last you will hear from me for the 2011-2012 school year. It's a little bittersweet to be honest. On one hand, I can't wait to go back to Ohio and see family, friends, and make some money (“broke college student”...


Some Friendly Advice

Posted by James Lioi on March 13, 2012

Hey, all, hope you enjoyed or are currently enjoying your spring break! Mine was a huge success. I didn't do anything whatsoever and that is exactly how I wanted it - a boring break. For the kids that live far away and have a great family back home,...


To The Future

Posted by James Lioi on February 21, 2012

Hey. all, I'm back again! The soccer tryout is over and, unfortunately, I didn't make the squad. I was invited to come back in the fall after I work on my very lacking technical abilities. Regardless of the outcome, the journey was self-fulfilling in...


Welcome Back

Posted by James Lioi on February 4, 2012

Hello all, I'm back. Break was, to say the least, absolutely amazing! It was nice to wake up on the mornings that I didn't work and just sit there, not worrying about a paper due or sections I needed to read; I was able to just relax. My whole family...