Class Year:

Biology and Chemistry

Religious Studies

Getting lost in a great novel.
Going on walks throughout campus and along the gorge.
Undertaking spontaneous activities/events.

President of Niagara University Men's Club Soccer
Research Assistant
Peer Tutor
Student Panel Leader
Summer/Fall Orientation Leader
Teacher's Assistant/Recitation Leader
Member of Biology Club, Circle K, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Twitter Handle:

James Lioi

It's Official!

Posted by James Lioi on March 14, 2013

Well, hello there again! By my lack of recent posts, it is assumed that I have been quite busy so I apologize to my readers for the delay. Oh, I'm not really sure what is official, I just liked that as a title for some reason. However, my time has...


Another Semester Down

Posted by James on December 16, 2012

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is doing well during this holiday season. To those of you in college, my thoughts go to you during finals. Speaking of which, that is currently what I am working on, but I needed to take a break so I figured I'd blog....


Gobble Gobble Gobble

Posted by James Lioi on November 15, 2012

Well hello again! It's been a while; things have been a little hectic around here so I apologize to those who consider themselves avid blog readers of mine (if there are any, ha). Anyhoo, like I said, things have been crazy around here lately. With...


What's Life Without Midterms?

Posted by James Lioi on October 21, 2012

”˜Ello there, I'm British today! Not really, but some days I do wonder what I may sound like to someone of a different language or dialect.   Life has been busy, to say the least this semester. One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is how...


Just Keep Rolling

Posted by James Lioi on October 2, 2012

Howdy, everyone! Fall is finally here! The leaves are turning, I have more options to choose from when I get dressed in the morning, orange juice is the number one drink on campus, and I sleep cozily underneath my comforter. I, for one, love autumn...


Baby I'm back!

Posted by James Lioi on September 10, 2012

Hey, everyone, I'm back! I guess my boss liked me last year so they invited me back to blog again during this lovely 2012-2013 school year.   First things first, hello again! I hope you all enjoyed these as much as I did! I also hope your summer was...