Class Year:

Biology and Chemistry

Religious Studies

Getting lost in a great novel.
Going on walks throughout campus and along the gorge.
Undertaking spontaneous activities/events.

President of Niagara University Men's Club Soccer
Research Assistant
Peer Tutor
Student Panel Leader
Summer/Fall Orientation Leader
Teacher's Assistant/Recitation Leader
Member of Biology Club, Circle K, American Chemical Society (ACS)

Twitter Handle:

James Lioi

We Made It

Posted by James Lioi on December 3, 2011

Hey, everyone! Hope your life is going well and, if things aren't going too well, don't worry, it will get better. There isn't too much craziness going on besides the obvious finals and CHRISTMAS BREAK! After that teaser, Thanksgiving Break, I am...


A New Life, A New Home

Posted by James Lioi on October 17, 2011

So, I'm James Lioi as I'm sure you can see. This is my first time ever blogging so work with me here a bit and, since this is the first blog, I figured I'd give a bit more of an introduction to myself and just an overview of my first two months here...