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It's like, for REAL?

January 30, 2012 by Crystal Lorenzo

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Why is it that as we get older, time goes faster? Shouldn't it be that as we age and are able to appreciate the world and our lives for what they are, that time would slow down? It would only make sense but, unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. I literally feel like I posted my last blog post only yesterday, but it really was about two weeks ago. So much has happened in those two weeks that it's like I blinked and, in an instant, I'm here this morning writing this post.

First of all, I held the first To Write Love on Her Arms official interest meeting last Wednesday! I was so nervous. The WHOLE day, I was practically in panic mode. I was so nervous that only 10 people were going to show up out of the 62 that had initially expressed interest on Facebook and such. Well, I was wrong.

My friend, and pretty much lifesaver of the day, Mary, and I left at about 6:30 p.m. for the Multipurpose Room in the Gallagher Center to start setting up. I had my laptop and some papers with what I would talk about on them. Once Mary figured out how to hook up the laptop and make it connect to the projector screen, we set up the chairs (17 of them exactly) in two rows and moved tables out of the way. We set the sign-in sheet, officer sign-up sheet and flyers on a table in the back of the room where everyone walks in.

Finally one person arrived! Now believe me, it was someone who I hadn't met before so I was literally thrilled with that one person. But, to my surprise, more and more people kept trickling in and, soon enough, all 17 chairs were filled...I was SHOCKED. I realize I set my standards undoubtedly low at 10 people, but I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. I truly didn't think more than 15 would show up.

And it didn't stop there. People just kept walking in, people I had never met before (which also blew my mind because I would say about 90 percent of the people there were people I wasn't friends with - people who really wanted to be there). Soon enough, the whole front half of the room was filled and I had 40 people there...FORTY!

Now, let's just take a moment to reflect on the fact that I had gotten to that point largely alone. I had the idea for the club, went to Chicago, talked to Campus Activities a bazillion times, found an advisor, made flyers and posters, created interested, wrote the 10-PAGE constitution and scheduled the meeting, which FORTY people attended. I'm not bragging, or saying that I'm this awesome person, because I know that other people have created clubs in the past, but I just can't help but be proud, thrilled and shocked of the fact that I created something that so many people are as passionate about as I am. So many people feel so strongly about it and want to see it succeed.

I can't believe I've even gotten it this far. I guess I knew that it could become a real club, but I just never imagined actually getting to the point where it's almost official - with regular meetings and everything.

If you can't tell, I'm still totally flabbergasted! I'm just so grateful of everyone's attitude toward these issues and I really am just so anxious to start doing events and having regular meetings!

So besides the initial excitement of people being at the meeting, The Ridge Report was there (our school news) to record my meeting, and then asked me for an interview after! On top of that, I was also interviewed by The Index (our school newspaper)! This all is a bit surreal, to be perfectly honest. But it's amazing nonetheless.

Anyways, in addition to the TWLOHA Club, I'm also running for an officer position in NU Alliance. I have to go this week and stand in front of everyone and say why I want the position, and what I will do if I have one. So that's just extra added excitement of my life in these first couple weeks of the semester! I literally think that if I had one or two more hours per day, life would be perfect! But seeing as how irrational that is, I'll quit my dreaming now and take what I get!

The school aspect of school is just dandy as well. Writing is good. Everything my English professor says sounds like an inspirational quote. Psychology is lovely. Spanish is fantastico; we listened to Enrique Iglesias today (enough said). And scary. As bad as this may sound, I think I'd rather be ignorant to the universe, because knowing about it scares me. I don't want to learn about solar storms and asteroids crashing into Earth that could potentially wipe out a civilization! Call me crazy, but that is the ONLY instance when I will admit that ignorance is bliss.

Well, I suppose that's all the interesting things I have to report for now. I hope I didn't disappoint, but if I it again, it sounds better the second time around!

P.S. I am deeply sorry for the absence of a picture this week! I have no excuses.