Individualized Majors

An Opportunity for Creative Students

The Individualized Major Program offers creative students the opportunity to design interdisciplinary majors especially suited to their own particular interests or career goals. Working closely with the Liberal Arts Adviser, faculty from each of the relevant disciplines, and the Office of Career Development, students may plot their own course of study around some core problem, topic, or theme that is of special interest to them, and that cuts across traditional disciplinary boundaries.

The problem, topic, or theme chosen by the student will serve as the basis for the program proposal and the selection of courses within each of the two or three disciplines.  This work will culminate in the completion of a Senior Seminar research project centered around the student's interests. Students who wish to enter the program in their Junior or Senior years may need prior approval of a proposal to enter the program.

Alumni Combinations & Success

Students have found the flexible format of the Liberal Arts program to be an excellent way of achieving their goals.  For example, several students have chosen to pursue interests around cultural diversity and Africana Studies, which has led to the new model major in Multicultural Studies. 

Tara Steele, continued with her interdisciplinary work after graduation and co-wrote a documentary, Tibet in Song, which was premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.  The documentary won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for a Grand Jury Prize.

Another student, who recently finished a program centered around mathematics, fine arts, and sociology, is in the process of co-writing an article, based on her senior seminar, with a faculty member. The finished article will be submitted to a mathematics journal for publication.