General Information

Our Mission

Student Health Services strives to provide seamless, coordinated and compassionate care at each student  encounter and to promote the overall health and productivity of the Niagara University community.

Fall and Spring  Hours

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with extended hours Wednesday until 6 p.m.
  • No appointments are scheduled after 4 p.m. except on Wednesday, when appointments are scheduled until 5 p.m.

Summer Hours - Administrative Office Only

  • Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Friday 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Every effort is made to schedule appointments when the student is not in class. The Student Health Center Clinic is closed for all official university holidays, breaks, snow days and during the summer months.

Scheduling of Appointments

Appointments may be scheduled online through your student myNU account. Routine appointments may be scheduled up to two weeks in advance and allergy shots up to four weeks in advance. We do offer same day appointments for students feeling ill. Walk-in appointments will be treated  by the nurse and clinic policy followed regarding scheduling appointments. Medical emergencies are always handled as such. Students who are unable to walk over to Health Services due to severe illness may call Campus Safety at 716.286.8111 to request transportation to Student Health Services.

Allergy Shots

Student Health Services provides an allergy clinic every Thursday morning from 10 to 11:30 a.m. for students who wish to continue with their established allergy vaccine protocol.  Vaccines are given according to the protocol and schedule that your allergist has determined for you.  Give your allergist our form,  “Instructions for allergy Serum administration,”  and request that it is completed and mail or fax it to Niagara University’s Student Health Services.  Verbal orders will not be accepted.  Make arrangements to have your allergy serum delivered to Student Health Services or you may hand deliver your allergy serum during the first week of classes.  Your vaccine is stored in a container clearly marked with your name and is stored in a specially designated refrigerator in the Student Health Clinic.  

Allergy shots are only available on campus during the fall and spring semesters. During the summer session, allergy shots will be given by Dr. Dyster at his Niagara Falls office. Students can call Dr. Dyster to schedule an appointment for allergy shots during the summer session at 716.298.5862. Students are responsible for transportation to and from Dr. Dyster’s office for summer session allergy shots and must bring their own vial of extract (with medical orders from allergist) as prescribed by their allergist. Any questions regarding allergy shots can be directed to Cheri Lyon, director of health services, at

During the first week of classes, make an appointment to meet with one of the clinic’s registered nurses, who will review our allergy clinic protocol with you.  A minimum of 72 hours will be required from the time that the Instructions for Allergy Serum Administration form and the serum are submitted to Student Health Services before it is administered to you.  This is to ensure a complete review of the information provided and to communicate with your allergist if the need arises.

Before you begin immunotherapy, here are a few things you should know:

 1.)   We recommend you call your insurance company to verify what your coverage will be for immunotherapy
 2.)   When you call your insurance company, please give them the following billing codes (cpt codes).
 3.)   The initial extract will be made prior to your injection visit by your allergist.

The following billing codes will be used:

1 injection for allergy immunotherapy — 95115
2 or more injections for allergy immunotherapy — 95117

Diagnosis Code:   V07.1

When you come in for your injections we will only be billing for the injection. If you only receive 1 shot, we will bill using billing code #95115. If you receive 2 or more shots, we will bill using billing code #95117. There will be no charge for the office visit.

With the information provided above, your insurance company should be able to tell you what your co-pay or co-insurance will be for your injections.

If you have any questions regarding the billing information provided, please call our office at 716.286.8390 or email Cheri Lyon, director of health services, at


Butler Building. Located in the same building as the Campus Book Store, right next to Student Accounts and Records.  Our main entrance is across from Clet Hall.  A wheelchair accessible entrance is located on the North side of the building facing the Power Vista parking lots.


All students are eligible to receive healthcare at SHS.  Full-time undergraduate students are eligible for services. Insurance is not required to be seen at SHS. A self-pay rate of $30 has been established to ensure the health needs of all our students are met. Students are required to present both their NU student ID and insurance card at each visit. Students who do not have health insurance can call our staff directly at 716.286.8390 or stop in to discuss options available.


Medical services are provided by a family nurse practitioner and a part-time collaborating physician.  Nursing care is provided by professional registered nurses.

Emergencies After Hours

Contact your community advisor (CA) who will assist you in obtaining proper medical help.  If your CA is unavailable and there is not a CA on duty at the main desk, please contact Campus Safety at 716.286.8111.  In an emergency, care is available through Mount St. Mary's Hospital (716.297.4800), a four minute drive from the university or Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center (716.278.4000), which is eight minutes away.

Patient Confidentiality

Patient confidentiality is strictly enforced.  Medical personnel may provide information to others only with the written permission from the student and only to those authorized by the student.  Patients may restrict or limit the nature of the information to be provided.  Upon written authorization, medical personnel may speak with the faculty verifying the student's illness and treatment.

Click on the following link for the: Authorization Release Form

Medical Excuses Related to Illness

Medical excuses from classes are provided "only when absolutely warranted due to the severity of medical illness as determined by our medical staff." Medical excuses are not provided to students who have missed classes. Students should not schedule appointments or come in as a Walk-In patient during class time. Students who are kept out of classes by their own primary care physician are responsible for forwarding a medical excuse from their physician to the Student Health Services Office so verification of a medical excuse can be sent to appropriate faculty members.